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  1. LittleMerman

    Tips for getting Ohana/BOG/Cinderella Table ADRs?

    Thank you, that's an awesome tip!
  2. LittleMerman

    Tips for getting Ohana/BOG/Cinderella Table ADRs?

    Awesome tips, thank you! Is there a reason you suggested Ohana for the end of my trip? I was going to try to go for day one.
  3. LittleMerman

    Tips for getting Ohana/BOG/Cinderella Table ADRs?

    My 60 day window is coming up soon and I'm going to try to get some "harder to get" ADRs like Ohana, Be Our Guest, and Cinderella Table. I've heard that these are really competitive to book. I know the booking window opens at 5:45am but are there any tips for getting these popular reservations...
  4. LittleMerman

    Is the Mickey Balloon Baseball Cap still available at WDW?

    I was at WDW last Feb and saw this hat. I can't find it to buy online but I'm going back in Feb 2022. Anybody know if WDW is still selling it? Thanks!
  5. LittleMerman

    Is Feb 5 - 13 a good time to go to WDW?

    Yikes, thanks for the responses. Is there another week in Jan/Feb/March that would be less busy than Feb 5-13? Thanks for any advice.
  6. LittleMerman

    Is Feb 5 - 13 a good time to go to WDW?

    How does that affect the parks/hotel situation?
  7. LittleMerman

    Is Feb 5 - 13 a good time to go to WDW?

    I'm thinking about a trip for the week of February 5 - 13. Any insights if that 's a good or bad week to go? Thanks!
  8. LittleMerman

    No value resorts in Feb?

    I'm planning to go to WDW for a week in early Feb but when I search for available resorts, I only see moderate and deluxe hotels. Are the value hotels not open or would they potentially be all booked up already? Thanks for any input.
  9. LittleMerman

    Rope Drop for Offsite Guests

    I have a question about rope drop. I'm going to WDW in Feb 2022 and will be staying off-property. Will it be worth getting to the parks right at opening in hopes of getting in line for the big attractions (Flight of Passage, Mine Train, etc) or will the lines already be super long because of...
  10. LittleMerman

    Best WDW park in terms of rides?

    Overall - Magic Kingdom. They have more rides and they are the more classic Disney rides. Might not be the most thrilling, new, or technologically advanced rides but it wouldn't be Disney World without Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc.
  11. LittleMerman

    All the changes at WDW. What's the effect on you?

    It doesn't make me any less excited to go to Disney parks or make me want to go any less, but it does change my perception of the brand in a negative way. That part is very disappointing.
  12. LittleMerman

    Peter Pan's Flight vs E.T. Adventure

    They're both really fun but I voted Peter Pan. It's cuter and sweeter. And ET gets really weird.
  13. LittleMerman

    Space Mountain vs Revenge of the Mummy

    Mummy for the thrill factor, themeing, and effects.
  14. LittleMerman

    Does using a free travel agent really help?

    I've never used one to plan a Disney trip. The main reason I would love help from an agent is to book the dining reservations I want. Is that something they can help with and are they successful at getting the ones you ask for? Thanks for any advice.
  15. LittleMerman

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    I discovered park vloggers a few years ago and quickly stopped watching most of them. Most of them are incredibly irritating - a lot of them feel like cheap newscasters that have to pull whatever bs content out of their ***es just to be able to make regular videos for the sake of getting views...
  16. LittleMerman

    Was Happily Ever After to much for WDW?

    I don't know what the issue was - if it's truly a lack of creativity or budget cuts because of Covid.
  17. LittleMerman

    Why do they not use the same ride systems within resorts?

    They use the same ride systems so they don't have to re-invent the wheel (literally) which saves time and money. And the experiences are different enough to make them unique and entertaining, unless they're replicated clones which is its own topic. For instance, the first time I rode Indiana...
  18. LittleMerman

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    Am I the only one excited to use Genie+? Initially I was annoyed that "FastPasses" would cost money AND there would be additional a la carte prices. However, after understanding how it works more (it's not as complicated as it first seemed), I'm excited to try it. Other than the cost, it seems...
  19. LittleMerman

    Is it worth ? (Holiday season)

    That's pretty expensive for one week not including food. You can definitely do it cheaper. But hey, if you can afford it and want to do it, ball out!
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