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  1. Z

    NYE finale went off early!

    Holiday wishes just ended, 2 min later the count down to the NYE finale went off!! Anyone know how that effects tonight? The island fireworks did not go off so they r still loaded.
  2. Z

    Reduced monorail hours week of April 29

    Just saw posted reduced operating hrs week of April 29 ending may 5. Same drill as last time. Resort and express affected, Epcot runs as normal
  3. Z

    Temporary Further Reduction of Monorail Hours

    On Friday there were research CMs counting the number of people on the ferryboats as well as both monorail loops at MK. After some investigation, I found out that for a period of time(I'm trying to get dates) monorails will not be running from 11-18:30 on a daily basis. During that time...
  4. Z

    A Few Fantasmic Observations

    I went to see Fantasmic last night and haven't been in several months. There were many positive things I saw, but one glaring negative at the end that overshadowed it in my opinion. The fire was working on all the Pocahontas boats. The last time I went, they didn't turn on at all. The dragon...
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