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  1. deere839

    Walt Disney World:A Vision of the Future

    Welcome to my Version of Walt Disney World. I know some of these ideas some people wont like since there will be a lot of IP in my plans but there is some Original Stuff.I was originally suppose to post this fall 2019 but wanted to get ahead before i started posting. Magic Kingdom --Main Street...
  2. deere839

    D23 2019 (brainstorm)

    Imagineers What do you want to see at the D23 Park Panels or Movie panels this year.create your own Timeline for announcements of new Rides and Attractions or Movies since it seems like we have a lot of stuff announced already for Parks and the panel seems like it might be a little dry this year...
  3. deere839

    Deere839 WDW Resort 2019 Version

    got a few Questions as i am working on a new up to date version of WDW Plans for my version. Question 1-Should Marvel and star wars be in a Nighttime Parade for Magic Kingdom? Question 2-Should Fanastyland have a Another Major Expansion/Phase 2 Question 3-Should there be a 3rd water park at...
  4. deere839

    Deere839 Disneyland Expansions

    I've Been Debating on doing this project for a while now but nervous since I know how Disneyland fans get with the park but decided to go through with it anyway so starting new years ill be working on expansion ideas I had for Disneyland
  5. deere839

    Collab Anyone?

    Anyone want to do a Toyko Disneyland Resort Collab?
  6. deere839

    Deere839 Univerisal Studios Project

    Im still working on WDW but im also doing this project and a special design park ill be posting in the coming month but right now im just going to focus on Univerisal Studios Florida and my Ideas for it. Start with the Studio Park and most likely the least Production Central 1.Displicple Me...
  7. deere839

    Disneyland Beijing (Open BrainStorm)

    Disney is looking for a new Place for a new Disneyland Resort For China for 2024.The Place they are most Interesting in is Beijing So we have to Design a new Resort that doesnt copy the other 2 Resorts in china. one of my ideas to get this project started is for the second gate where your in a...
  8. deere839

    Anime Theme Park BrainStorming

    Post Ideas of a Anime Theme Park here one of my ideas is a My Hero Academia Land U.A High is one of the main Attractions in this land Spoiler Alart if you havent Seen this Season or the Show You are the Press Exploring U.A High after All Might Retirement to See what they are doing as for...
  9. deere839

    Deere839 WDW Resort

    Ive return on a new WDW Project starting with Magic Kingdom even though Main street wont have much changes ill start off here im not good at drawing or have any ideas for the scenes for the rides so i wont be doing that.I will be using paint for where the rides and show buildings will go for the...
  10. deere839

    New Cast Costumes at HWS

    hearing that the Cast Member costume shop is being moved whats going to happen to the old?
  11. deere839

    New Disney Water Park

    Started a new Disney World Water Park still have no theme yet but I do have this I suck at names so I need help with that if anyone can I do have the slide complexs planned
  12. deere839

    Marvel rides Brainstorming Thread

    Coming up with Marvel Rides for Disney parks
  13. deere839

    Busch Gardens Tampa Open Brainstorm

    Welcome to Busch Gardens open Brainstorm. Busch Gardens is going through a major Remodel of the park and water park a few ideas I had if you to get you guys started is RMC Gwazi a B&M giga maybe a star flyer a hotel that over looks the safari and maybe a second park like a BGT Discovery cove...
  14. deere839

    Tomorrow land idea thread

    I've been thinking of ideas of improving tomorrow land to make it futuristic and non ip ideas like how it was suppose to be. One of them not sure if it would work though is removing the people mover station and moving it to over that long straight section from space mountain to carousel of...
  15. deere839

    Disney water park tickets

    I have some tickets from 2005 when I was a kid I was wondering how much would it be to upgrade it to a adult pass if I could still use them
  16. deere839

    Possible new competition

    This competition will be dedicated to Disney Hollywood studios Rebrand each week I would give you a area of the park to work with and you must come up with a idea to come with some sort of idea it could be restraunt to a new land or a new show to a a new parade or a Rebrand of something already...
  17. deere839

    Disney annual pass renewal question

    I got a Disney pass around August last year for the first time but now that pass is gone I want . To know how much of a discount is to renewal the pass to a different one I'm either getting gold or silver depending on the discount
  18. deere839

    Disney MGM/Hollywood studios Pins

    anyone know any good place to find some old pins of the former attractions/the old name of the park
  19. deere839

    New Log Cabins?

    any one know why theres a butch of log cabins in the old airport runway near Epcot Monorail line there has to be over 100 of them? I did not have time to grab a photo
  20. deere839

    IPs for DHS?

    What IPs are still possible for furture expansion?
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