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  1. WDWDad13

    Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks out on DVD & Blu-ray today

    So my wife went early to Walmart this morning and picked up our copies (they said they had re-stocked Frozen a few times already) and apparently most of the shoppers had a copy in their cart or were heading to get one. We found out later from some friends that people were lined up at a Target...
  2. WDWDad13

    Villainsland in DHS, could it work?

    So with the recent mass crowd for the villains event at DHS and the rumor that Carsland is now off the table....could a Villainsland be an answer to fill that spot AND draw more of the teen-young adult age group Uni gets more of with thrill rides etc? With thrill rides like tower of terror and...
  3. WDWDad13

    Headline in the news - Did the VMA's hurt the Disney brand???

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/08/27/miley-cyrus-vmas-performance-hurt-disney-brand/ first...I'm very sorry for reminding everyone of this filth that was on TV the other night... but this headline got my attention "Did the VMA's hurt the Disney brand?" - look at all the child...
  4. WDWDad13

    Mickey and the Magic Map coming to WDW?

    Has anyone heard any rumors about Mickey and the Magic Map show now at DLR coming to WDW? Seems like this could be a welcome addition to DHS especially, maybe in place on Beauty and the Beast or VOTLM?
  5. WDWDad13

    Disney's Lone Ranger could lead to $150mil loss

    We all knew Lone Ranger wasn't doing well but wow http://m.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disneys-lone-ranger-could-lead-581503 Maybe they should have invested the money spent on that movie in WDW
  6. WDWDad13

    Free Dining and Room Discounts out through 9/28

    just saw on dreamcometruevacation.com where free dining and room discounts are out now through 9/28! woo hoo! who all is going to take advantage of this? I"m surprised free dining doesn't extend into October yet though but I bet it will eventually
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