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    Incident on Peoplemover today?

    We saw people being walked off of the Peoplemover this afternoon, and later several security people and a gurney going in. Does anybody know what happened?
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    Tiers with less than three FPs

    How do tiers work now that you don't have to book 3 FPs to start with? Suppose I book Soarin' and don't have any other advance FPs. After I ride Soarin', can I book it again (if available) as if it were my 4th?
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    PhotoPass for ride photos?

    We're going in August. We skipped last year, so a number of things have changed. FP+ was in testing last time we went. We stay off-site. We will not have MagicBands and will not have MemoryMaker - just the regular PhotoPass cards the photographers hand out for free. Can we add ride photos to...
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