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  1. Disneyfanman

    Heading to DL for a solo visit tomorrow!

    I'm out in CA on business and snared a rare day off mid-week. I decided to hang out at DL. It's a short hours day with low projected attendance. I haven't ever been there solo. Just thought I would share!
  2. Disneyfanman

    The Jungle Book

    The first 12 reviews are posted to Rottentomatoes.com and it sits at 100% Fresh! I know it's early but still impressive. Disney seems to be on quite a roll.
  3. Disneyfanman

    House of Blues leaving DTD Anaheim?

    I just heard from a reliable source that the House of Blues was relocating to a site outside of DTD Anaheim before the end of the year. My source (probably spin) said that it was a voluntary decision to leave based on fallout with DTD property management. Has anyone else heard this? If so...
  4. Disneyfanman

    Inside Out is almost here!

    I am really excited about this film, and six months ago didn't have any desire to see it. That's a tribute to Disney's marketing push and some unusual choices with a unique concept. There were the rave reviews coming from Cannes, progressively better trailers, and non-stop concept art...
  5. Disneyfanman

    Spider-Man 2

    It's a Sony release of a Disney licensed character so I think it fits here. We saw it last night with high hopes, but none of us liked it. My said that she should have left after 20 minutes and gone to see Captain America again. We found an extra scene in the credits,so it seems like Sony is...
  6. Disneyfanman

    Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier

    Saw it today. What a great movie! Has anyone else been.....?
  7. Disneyfanman

    Once upon a time is back

    Once Upon a Time seems to be having a creative comeback. I had given up on the series after what I thought was a terrible season 2, and the S3 "stuck in Neverland" plot. The last few episodes, however, seem to have re-captured a bit of what I liked in the first season. Has anyone else been...
  8. Disneyfanman

    Agents of Shield January 8th episode

    I thought last nights episode was brilliant! In addition to the fun and creepy plot, the effects seem to have received a higher budget and the connection to Marvel reinforced. Turning points for several characters and several scary scenes combined for a climax that took my breath away! This...
  9. Disneyfanman

    Once upon a time returns in Late September

    OUAT is back on the last Sunday in September. Although I stuck with it to the end last year, I really felt like they lost their way. It went from Destination TV to something I tried to catch. All of that aside I am really looking forward to the show returning. I'm hoping that they can catch...
  10. Disneyfanman

    Pete's Dragon remake?

    Ain't it cool news post a weird little story about a remake in the works for Pete's Dragon. It's a lesser favorite of mine from 70's, but I do like (and own) it. Has anyone else heard about this?
  11. Disneyfanman

    First visit in 18 months

    I finally got to fill up my Disneyland Cup with 5 hours at the resort last night. As Goofy would say.....Gwosh I whished I had more time. I wanted to see the stuff that changed, so I had a mission to do Star Tours, Lincoln (almost finished during my last visit) and Little Mermaid, plus see...
  12. Disneyfanman

    Uh Oh Houston. Mars Needs Moms Flames Out

    It looks like Disney Pictures may have its first full "flame-out" disaster in awhile. Mars Needs Moms earned 1.7 Million on Friday, good for 5th place in the U.S. With a reported budget of 150 Million and pretty crummy reviews, this one could lose a lot of money. Animated Sci-Fi Action...
  13. Disneyfanman

    Crowds on President's Day Weekend

    We are considering a trip on February 19th and 20th (Sat and Sun of President's Day Weekend). It's a blackout weekend for all APs other than the Premium APers, but that has good and bad implications. Any predictions of the crowds that weekend? We would NOT go on President's Day Monday which...
  14. Disneyfanman

    Just got back from TS3

    I loved the new TS3! It's hard for me to believe, but I would put it up against the very best of the Pixar films. It was certainly the very best sequel that I have ever seen. How, I wonder, can they create a fresh story like this one with the third film in a series? It's exactly what you...
  15. Disneyfanman

    Easter Weekend crowds?

    I know that the weeks leading up to Easter weekend are wall to wall, but what about the Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend itself? (April 2nd and 3rd). Are the crowds still just as nuts?
  16. Disneyfanman

    Labor Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

    I have the last minute opportunity to visit Disneyland on Labor Day Weekend. I have searched for crowd projections for Saturday and Sunday, but have come up dry. Do we have any experts on the boards here? Saturday is the busiest day of the week anyway, and I wouldn't mind that, but I...
  17. Disneyfanman

    Early Reviews of UP!

    So far 16 reviews on Rotton Tomatoes with 100% "Fresh". I don't think that I have ever seen that before. These are reviews from the premier at Cannes. Wow. It looks like a Grand Slam for Pixar! http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/up/
  18. Disneyfanman

    My first time back since 2002

    I had an extra day on a business trip, and decided to slip away (alone) to DL yesterday. I was there from 4PM to almost 1:00 AM. I was surprised by several things, and had an overall wonderful experience. I thought the Finding Nemo submarines were astounding! The line was about 50 minutes...
  19. Disneyfanman

    Original Attraction Posters!

    Back in June I was at the World and asked about the original attraction posters that always hang below the train station. I was told that many of the originals can be printed on demand at the Art of Disney at DTD. Much to my surprise they can! So I ordered a print of the original HM poster...
  20. Disneyfanman

    Cypress Harbour distance and quality?

    I received an award from my company, and was able to convert it to Marriott certificates. I did a search and came up with Cypress Harbour, which seemed nice and would fit our budget. I did a search, and found some nice comments from last year, but nobody discussed the distance. I seems like I...
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