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  1. J

    Flight of Passage 3D Glasses

    Everyone's talking about how great this ride is but there is never talk about how ill-fitting the 3D glasses are. They constantly shift during the ride and you don't get crystal clear vision. The effect I get is that of cheap 3D glasses, nothing like the ones you get at Mickey' s Philharmagic, A...
  2. J

    Upgrading to Annual Pass

    Last month, I bought 8 day park hopper tickets. However, I'm thinking of upgrading to an AP after checking in to the WDW Dolphin. I know they have a ticket desk there so I was going to try to pay the difference to upgrade. Is the price to upgrade to the AP going to be the actual difference or...
  3. J

    Tusker House

    Is Tusker House still character dining during lunch? The first time I ate there it wasn't. Then I went back a few years later and it was. How about now? Some of the online menus are not current and may not list whether this location still have characters during lunch. I would prefer to eat...
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