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  1. Rosanne

    "The FastPass Question"

    I AGREE with everything you have said about lines, fast passes and especially Facebook. When one of my friends posted she had just bought 4 new tires at BJ's. I decided that was it for me. I have been going to Disneyland & World for over 40 yrs. In the old days (I know you techies will yawn)...
  2. Rosanne

    "The FastPass Question"

    They need some kind of way to control the crowds and the lines. Hopefully the fast pass will be enhanced and user friendly. I do object to "Magic Hours" as they are not so magic to pay even more $$$$ just to get on a ride you already paid for at the gate. Here's a thought. How about not...
  3. Rosanne

    "The FastPass Question"

    If that was the case Disney would never have moved on from E Ticket booklets to one gate fee. Time moves on. There is a much bigger population and a need for some kind of structure to allow everyone to enjoy the rides. That goes for toddlers to seniors. They have to figure out a tech friendly...
  4. Rosanne

    "The FastPass Question"

    # 3. Change. If this were the case, they would never have changed from E Tickets to one gate fee. As the world progresses, especially now with hi tech and a bigger population, change is necessary. The problem is tho, the seniors have a hard time keeping up. And I repeat - there should be a way...
  5. Rosanne

    "The FastPass Question"

    My big complaint about FP is that people make reservations for a ride and then when they dont use it for any reason, they dont cancel it so someone else can use it. The old fast pass kiosks located at each ride had you coming back at another time of the day. At least those people were in the...
  6. Rosanne

    Which best describes Walt Disney World?

    One word "Tattered" - its showing its disrepair & not looking like it will get an uplift any time soon.
  7. Rosanne

    Magic Kingdom's Overhaul or Expansion

    I would think Disney would have some kind of budget for repairs to the parks. Yes they are losing money because of being closed for so long. But, it still would have been a perfect time to make repairs and redos. Couldnt the shareholders pitch in to "make Disney better again?" I'm sure they will...
  8. Rosanne

    Magic Kingdom's Overhaul or Expansion

    I agree. With billions being lost because of Corona, doubtful they will be spending any money on overhauls. Altho it would have been a prime time to do it with parks closed for months.
  9. Rosanne

    Maybe Disney is Not that Good at Customer Service

    I dont understand why so many people even want to go to Disney right now. At a time to distance and critical numbers rising, why not just put your Disney vacation off until a later time. Even if the crowds are not the norm with percentages lower, do you really want to be in a mix with people...
  10. Rosanne

    Could We See A WDW Casino In The Future?

    Casinos make money. And thats what everyone wants. But, I think the casinos should be in the hotels or built on the Disney property, not inside the parks. That way after the parks all day, the kids can be put to bed and the parents can go to a casino to gamble at night. Its really not a bad...
  11. Rosanne


    I do not see any snarkiness on here. The situation at Disney "Is what it is" and most of us know it. Who knows, things may change drastically from day to day. I'm only an hour away from DWorld. But, I would not be flying from far away, land here & then be told things had been changed again...
  12. Rosanne


    You mean you have to stay first in a resort for say a complete week before you can go into any of the parks? That's crazy.
  13. Rosanne


    Just like with the Fast Passes, I believe the first served will be the people staying in the big Disney Resorts. The passholders will be second. But, the quota may already be filled with the resort people.
  14. Rosanne

    Walt Disney World Annual Pass closure period extension watch

    I would think they would have to. And I wouldnt be counting on Aug We are supposed to have another backsplash of virus in Sept. I canceled my resident annual pass & will not reupt again until things are at 100%. Crazy to be in a park with all of those people. And long lines. Bathrooms, ugh...
  15. Rosanne

    Walt Disney World Annual Pass closure period extension watch

    My annual resident pass was expiring in April 2020. I just called and canceled the whole thing. I never went over the summer so useless to pay for 4 months when we dont even know for sure about openings and crowds. The crowds and lines were becoming ridiculous with no end in sight. I have had...
  16. Rosanne

    Food And Wine Festival 2020

    The question is - even if the parks open, how safe will you feel in crowds? I'm thinking the virus will still be out there lurking in corners and spreading in crowds. I cant even imagine getting on a plane or cruise ship for a long time.
  17. Rosanne

    My Love of the Parks is Dwindling. Not sure what to do.

    I live in Florida & I'm a senior. I tried to volunteer to work one day of the week at any of the 4 parks doing anything - for FREE. I told them I could not work evenings (too dark) or summer when its too hot for me. Its an hour drive for me from home to parks and I wouldnt have minded once a...
  18. Rosanne

    WDW things I will never gripe about again....

    I am thankful that Disney just notified me that they have stopped withdrawing my monthly payment to them for my Resident Annual Pass. I think you list of complaints will continue whenever they reopen. Its the nature of the beast. I agree wholeheartedly about $ 8 for "tastes of food" at Epcot...
  19. Rosanne

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    I doubt at this stage of the world Disney will be replacing or adding anything. Lets face it - they are losing a fortune every day. Its going to take a long time for them to bounce back. I think they are going to lose a lot of their crowds even when they reopen. People will be fearful of germs...
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