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  1. Timothy_Q

    Photo of Silly Sideshow character outfits

    Posted this photo today on their twitter I'm especially fond of Daisy's and Goofy's outfit. I think they'll look great in their themed environments, if they turn out looking anything like the concept art.
  2. Timothy_Q

    Gran Fiesta Tour Music

    I know this has already been discussed many years ago, but I couldn't find anything. I'm going to WDW by the end of january for the first time since they refurbished the Mexico ride and I was wondering if they still play the "theme song" from El Rio Del Tiempo somewhere or if they just threw it...
  3. Timothy_Q

    Great Movie Ride finale movie

    Hey! I'd like to know if anyone here has the finale movie of the Great Movie Ride or a list of the movies that are shown in it :) I LOVE that movie so much but I've never found it anywhere... and I got really ****ed to see that they got rid of the Lion King scene! it's the best disney...
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