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  1. J

    Several Disney Springs restaurants taking part in Visit Orlando Magical Dining beginning today

    Wine Bar George is not listed as a restaurant participating on the official Orlando Magic Dining site and havent seen a menu. Are you sure?
  2. J

    Is staying in Polynesian worth it?

    NO.... we did it back in November. It is SO overrated and would not recommend it. Doesn't have the magical Disney resort feel like the Wilderness or AKL or Grand Floridian, etc because all the buildings are spread out. Felt like we were at the Caribbean Beach again and had to walk far to get to...
  3. J

    New gastropub to replace Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club

    I'm waiting to see a pic of that Tbone though... yes please?!
  4. J

    'Holidays Around the World' to become 'Epcot International Festival of the Holidays'

    I thought Disney had said the original number of kitchens @ this years festival would be 15. I still only see 12 kitchens o_O
  5. J

    New 'Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour' now available to book at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    LMAO!!! So, for $119 admission to park, plus $265.19 on top of that....... you can pretty much pay a ridiculous amount of money just to do everything you ALREADY CAN DO?! Bahahahaha Disney must know people are dumb if they created this one!!!! And then calling it an experience lol. $265 a...
  6. J

    Trip Report Our Magical Disney (Deluxe Dining) Foodie Trip!

    We had just spent 8 Magical Days in Disneyworld at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with the Deluxe Dining plan, and I just realized I never got to share any of this amazing magic with anyone, so BEHOLD.... our Epic Disney Deluxe Dining trip report! It was worth the 10lbs of weight I gained, and would I...
  7. J

    Character meet and greet shuffle at Disney's Animal Kingdom Fall 2017

    I saw Lilo and Stich in the picture and got excited thinking it was them :(
  8. J

    Kona Cafe Menu Update

    And they got rid of the NY Strip steak..... and replaced it with a loin covered in Miso sauce with baby eggplant and wild mushrooms. Barf. Seriously?? Wahhh
  9. J

    STK Orlando now offers brunch, including The Ultimate Brunch For Two

    I don't see any dessert on that brunch menu either.......
  10. J

    STK Orlando now offers brunch, including The Ultimate Brunch For Two

    So they got rid of offering lunch during the week??? Ugh!!!!!!!
  11. J

    "Paddlefish" is a fail in theme.

    LOL you guys crack me up. Although I do agree with most of you on the new look. Wanna hear a fun fact though? It was Disney PR who forced Fultons and Planet Hollywood to change their design concept over to a more 'modern' look, in order to match the feel of the New Disney Springs. So they were...
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