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  1. Goofnut1980

    Summer Attraction Waits

    Please feel free to move if posted elsewhere, but I didn't see anything. Now that the parks are pretty much back to normal for attendance, plus no FastPass+, has anyone else noticed the waits are really crazy? Not to mention we have no international travel to the parks yet. Still seems a fairly...
  2. Goofnut1980

    Tree of Life - does it seem less full?

    I have a general question. Does anyone else think over the years the Tree of Life is thinning on top?? It seems like the ToL has lost leaves. It seems so sparse. Wouldn’t TDO replace those? Also the The leaves seem such a light green compared to years ago when they were dark green. What does...
  3. Goofnut1980

    Is Disney Losing DVC Members/Contracts due to Covid??

    I have a general question. Has anyone heard with Covid and so many people without incomes, is Disney losing DVC Members? Are people turning their contract back over to Disney? It seems crazy they canceled the new DVC they started to build over River Country. There has to be a reason that most of...
  4. Goofnut1980

    Booking with DVC with slim pickins

    Please feel free to move this thread if it should be somewhere else. I went to the site to book and it’s the 11 month mark and Animal Kingdom and Polynesian for the 2nd week in December of 2019 has waitlists already. I have never seen it this crazy. I would assume it’s because of Galaxys...
  5. Goofnut1980


    When did Disney stop enforcing the tripod policy?? I thought you were not allowed to have a tripod. But, as I sit here waiting for Wishes. There are a minimum of 40 tripods around me and their owners are getting mad when people hit them or get close to them!! Uh it's dark out and you have a...
  6. Goofnut1980

    Large Group - How to get to WL without hopping to a park?

    So we are taking a large group of about 50-60 people next May. We have requested our guests to stay at either POFQ or Pop/AOA. Does anyone know if we could arrange for Disney to shuttle everyone from the two resorts over to Wilderness Lodge to do a breakfast with everyone on one of the days...
  7. Goofnut1980

    Disney Online Services Down??

    I have tried to log in multiple times today and the system doesn't recognize my password for the disneyworld.com site as well as dvcmember.com... I need to make dining reservations and have been on hold over 30 minutes thus far and think I will be for a while... Is anyone else having issues?
  8. Goofnut1980

    Disney Decorations - Around the Parks

    So, it's that time of year again. We have seen posted the new wreaths and many comments have been made. What about the gingerbread houses at the resorts and the rest of the parks/lands being decorated. Has anything else gone on? any pics from around the property and through out the parks anyone...
  9. Goofnut1980

    The Parks and Sightlines with Growth

    So, I have a question to ask the group. Why doesn't TDO do a better job of pruning and replacing trees. We all know they took the ones from the HUB many years ago and just replaced the ones in Town Square. Why don't they replace the palms that run down Hollywood Blvd, etc at HS. They are so...
  10. Goofnut1980

    PP+ and Memory Maker Group Question

    So we plan on taking our family and friends on a trip in 2016 for a week. Does anyone have an answer on how Photopass+ and Memory Maker works for groups? Will they let us pay a bigger fee to have multiple cards? or can we all just combine onto one account? Do you even have the option for...
  11. Goofnut1980

    What WDW Tours have you taken??

    So I have taken the Behind the Seeds Tour and loved it. It was really great to see the operations of the greenhouses. In December, I have booked the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. Having been to Disney 38 times, I am looking to try something a little different. What tours have you taken, liked...
  12. Goofnut1980

    Pre-Trip December 2014 Pre-Trip #38 - Makin' Plans

    So I am at it again. We just returned from a trip May 9th to may 17th and I have the itch. The last trip wasn't as fun as usual. The friends we went with kept wanting to wait when we would ride an attraction, but would wander off to smoke. Totally got on my ever-lovin' nerves. We then spent 45...
  13. Goofnut1980

    Fake Trees on SDMT

    So it is me, or do the evergreens and shrubs look fake they installed... I don't remember seeing planting spots on the mountain. Also, there is one picture the where the tree is anchored into a small metal post hole... hmmmm Wonder how those will hold up in a hurricane or the sun!
  14. Goofnut1980

    What if?? Owning a piece of the World

    Time for something fun! If money was no object and you could buy ONLY one piece of Disney World, what would you buy? Ex., Clock from Main Street, Epcot Toll Plaza Booth, Parade Float, Dolewhip Machine, Pool slide from POFQ... I would have to say I would probably buy the Crystal Palace...
  15. Goofnut1980

    Anything needing TLC??? China - yes

    Just got back from a week at the "home" and besides everything looking pretty good. China's blue roof though looks terrible. Its dull and many of the lights are burnt out... Paint anyone? Has anyone else noticed anything that needs a little TLC? On a side note, on Saturday there was a small...
  16. Goofnut1980

    Christmas Holiday Decorations - when is it time??

    So I was just thinking, I usually go down to visit Mickey around the beginning of December... But think it would be cool to see how the resorts and parks transform to Christmas over night... It would be really cool to wake up the next morning and see a monster tree in the middle of Jambo...
  17. Goofnut1980

    Using WDW DVC at DL

    So, how does that work to use our DVC points at DL??? Is it the normal 7 month or is it something different because it's in Cali and not Florida??? thanks all!
  18. Goofnut1980

    Just Back from a week at the world - observations

    Hey Kids. I just got back from a wonderful week of Disney! I am working on the trip report and will post it but wanted to share a few thing I noticed but they did not ruin my trip in the least... First off, All of the parks look amazing! Everything looks clean and well maintained. (Except the...
  19. Goofnut1980

    All Grown Up!

    I just have one observation which would not cost hardly any money, other than a salary. Has anyone else noticed that over the years the foliage grows but no one trims it back? I look at AK.. it is getting more and more difficult to see the TOL... And again at MK... The trees are growing up...
  20. Goofnut1980

    Senses - A Disney Spa - Have you done it??

    Hey Kids. Has anyone used the Senses spas? How was the service and treatments? I was thinking about on day 3 or 4 of the next trip having a pedicure/massage... Doesn't that sound wonderful!!!
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