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  1. The Peanut Gallery

    "Encanto" Coming Fall 2021

    Fantastic film. Great story, awesome performances (Stephanie Beatriz is a total gem), & awesome Lin-Manuel Miranda songs. I haven't been horribly impressed with a lot of Disney's recent film output, especially the remakes, but they've been really knocking it out of the park when it comes to...
  2. The Peanut Gallery

    Universal Beijing

    That Jurassic World ride is absolutely mindblowing. The transitions from sets to screens are so seamless.
  3. The Peanut Gallery

    Okay, Who’s Booking at Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser?

    I'm sure it would be fun but I'm saving up for a trip to Tokyo Disneyland which frankly seems more appealing to me though I am a huge Star Wars fan. I look forward to pictures & videos though. I am sure it will be a very special experience for those who take part.
  4. The Peanut Gallery

    What is your favorite cancelled animated disney movie and why?

    I've heard many different concepts regarding a full-length Mickey Mouse film from Disney Animation that all sounded very interesting. There was the one dating back to the 90's I believe that had Basil from The Great Mouse Detective in it as well as Burny Mattinson's Mickey, Donald, & Goofy...
  5. The Peanut Gallery

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Just got in from the new Suicide Squad film. A lot of fun & I look forward to watching it several more times in the future (I'm actually debating on seeing it a 2nd time in the theatre). However, though I did love it, I still think I prefer James Gunn's Guardians films. There's something so...
  6. The Peanut Gallery

    Best and worst song according to you

    BEST: "The Show Must Go On" - Queen Speaks to me on an emotional level & I think Freddie Mercury's vocal prowess in this song is unmatched. I'm a HUGE Freddie fan. WORST: "The Christmas Shoes" - New Song One of the hokiest, poorly written, & infuriating songs I've ever heard. I dread hearing it...
  7. The Peanut Gallery

    Haunted Mansion

    Hopefully we get something fun out of this. Justin Simien is a fantastic talent & I look forward to seeing what his approach could be. That being said, if I were the CEO of Disney, I would've totally approached Jordan Peele for the director & writer gig for a Haunted Mansion film. I feel he...
  8. The Peanut Gallery

    What's Your Favorite Sounds?

    I always find this question to be a good ice-breaker. It's not something a lot of people are asked on a regular basis & personally, I believe it shares a different side to ourselves. So on that note, what's your favorite sound? It could be anything that pops in your head. From the simplest...
  9. The Peanut Gallery

    Buzz Lightyear's Flight [Indoor Coaster] ✨🚀

    This is absolutely fantastic! Would be perfect for a future Toy Story Land. A nice way to move away from all the carnival kitsch in the land. I'm a huge Toy Story fan though so I'm totally biased. Excellent work! :)
  10. The Peanut Gallery

    Could Rise of the Resistance have been set during the Original Trilogy? (Rise of the Rebels)

    That actually would have really worked well chronologically. I believe there's a period of 3 years between New Hope & Empire & if I'm not mistaken the opening crawl of Empire mentions the Empire driving the Rebellion out of their base. Maybe the base could have been on Batuu.
  11. The Peanut Gallery

    Could Rise of the Resistance have been set during the Original Trilogy? (Rise of the Rebels)

    I love Rise of the Resistance. It's truly a gem amongst WDI's current creations but I've always had a lingering thought in the back of my head ever since riding it. If Imagineers really wanted to & were given the freedom to do so, do you think it could've stayed largely the same but instead be...
  12. The Peanut Gallery

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    Man, that was fantastic. I don't really know what else I can offer that hasn't been said already. Great animatronics, a unique twist on the story without it being a book report ride (in classic Fantasyland dark ride style), & immersive, highly detailed theming. One observation I did want to...
  13. The Peanut Gallery

    Starting A New Job Nerves

    Sorry for the late reply, folks. It's been going well. I still have a lot to learn and I've made my fair share of mistakes, both small and large, but I don't feel as anxious. It's a pretty positive environment & I've managed to develop a good rapport with co-workers. Honestly though, I feel I'm...
  14. The Peanut Gallery

    Starting A New Job Nerves

    Hey folks! This may kind of seem like a weird thread but I thought I'd give it a try and see what comes of it. I start a new job tomorrow and I guess you could say I'm going through some crazy nerves right now. I'm working produce at a grocery store and I'll be honest I'm pretty freaked out for...
  15. The Peanut Gallery

    Favorite Classic Princess Movie?

    They're all so good but Cinderella gets the leg-up for me. There's something so transportive about it plus I'm a really sucker for Jaq & Gus Gus ("HAPPY BIRFDAY!")
  16. The Peanut Gallery

    Should Mickey & Friends Be More Like The Looney Tunes?

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about Mickey & friends cartoons recently. Although I have a lot of affection for the classic characters, I've been re-watching a lot of their old cartoons & I'm really starting to see they were never really that funny. While they were creative & looked fantastic...
  17. The Peanut Gallery

    Epic Mickey Appreciation Thread

    I adored the fact that the game wasn't "cutesy." Often whenever someone takes on a Mickey project they reduce him to a twee adorable corporate symbol. Epic Mickey was the first time in a while that we returned to Mickey Mouse's roots as an impish scamp. I feel that this game started the whole...
  18. The Peanut Gallery

    Muppets Now Coming to Disney +

    What excites me most about this project is the "unscripted" angle. I feel that when the Muppets have the freedom to speak off the cuff they can really shine. This reminds me of the screen tests they did while filming The Muppet Movie when they were on camera just goofing around.
  19. The Peanut Gallery

    Splashtacular - The Weirdest Thing EVER

    Bizarre indeed. What really sums up its failure is when the villain appears & Mickey asks who she is & she just replies, "None of your business!" It's pretty hard to get invested in a character without the audience knowing her name. This show was definitely before my time & it doesn't appear...
  20. The Peanut Gallery

    How are y'all making the most of the quarantine?

    Things are pretty quiet here in quarantine. Trying to make an effort to getting outside as much as possible now that the weather is improving. I find that a good walk does wonders for mental well-being.
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