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  1. Stellajack

    Maria and Enzo's in Disney Springs

    Is the Enzo Hideaway Tunnel Bar in the same location as the Maria and Enzo restaurant in Disney Springs?
  2. Stellajack


    Am I the only person on BOMA watch? I really do want it to be open in late October 2021!
  3. Stellajack

    Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

    Since MK fireworks are expected to resume in July, I wonder what the prospective date is for resuming the Fireworks Dessert Party and when the booking window may open. I have searched for current info but see nothing.
  4. Stellajack

    Minnie Van vs. Uber/Lyft for onsite guests

    I need some clarification here about Minnie Van service. Are people really willing to spend $25/trip for transportation around Disney World rather than use the WDW bus service? If so, why? When posters on other threads are complaining about added costs and increases, adding another...
  5. Stellajack

    Magic Kingdom experiences

    Got stranded on the People Mover and all were evacuated after about 15 min. Some dude dropped his phone, got out of his moving vehicle to retrieve it, stopping the ride completely. Override failed to restart it. On lighter note MK is VERY clean. On the Jungle Cruise I called out to monkey on...
  6. Stellajack

    Official Course maps for the Star Wars Half-The Dark Side

    Does anyone know if an official course map for the Star Wars Half-The Dark Side has been released?
  7. Stellajack

    POFQ cast members awesome!

    Well friends, my DH and I left Wed., May 6 and were to return on May 13. This was our first stay at POFQ after a dozen or more at POR. We loved this resort for its size and other reasons. On Sunday 5/10 we had a call that an immediate family member had died unexpectedly. This staff could not...
  8. Stellajack

    BOG worth it?

    Please, for some of you veterans who have made numerous trips to DW. Is BOG worth the wait at lunch for 2 adults with 2 DGD's, ages 14 and 11? They are W-A-Y past the princess stages. As a matter of fact, our trips with them now include texts in the parks, ie., "whr r u?", "leavng Space...
  9. Stellajack

    Am I being irrational?

    I realize it's dangerous to invite the members on these forums to give an opinion on another person's mental status but help me understand this please. :confused: My DH and I have a WDW trip planned in April, a mere 71 days from now; so, why is it when a fellow board member says "I'm leaving...
  10. Stellajack

    Tuna Salad Sandwich

    OK, I enjoy tuna salad sandwiches, but ONLY if made with white albacore tuna. I have been told that "Columbia Harbour House has the best tuna sandwiches in WDW". Can anyone offer opinions on this, please.
  11. Stellajack

    1900 Park Fare Dinner ADR

    For those of you who have done the 1900 Park Fare Dinner w/Cinderella and Prince, how difficult is it to get an ADR? Thanks in advance.
  12. Stellajack

    Cinderella's Castle Dining

    I have just been informed by (?) "Darva" in Dining that "lunch at the Castle is also a character meal". I asked her if Lunch was character dining just like breakfast and she said "yes". I told her that I had read that Cinderella might just pop in or sit on her throne, but that the meal was...
  13. Stellajack

    Suggestions needed

    Okay everyone, I need some suggestions here. My DH and I are arriving at 0:dark hours (actually around 7:40 a.m.) at Orlando Int'l on June 26. Probably will arrive at WDW about 9 a.m. , staying at AKL. We have a 5 pm. seating for HDD and had planned to take the water launch from MK to Ft...
  14. Stellajack

    Trip Report 12/15/-12/19

    Just wanted to post my trip report from last week. I flew down for a visit w/Mom and sister on 12/14 and we drove over to Orlando on 12/15. Checked into the (how else can I say it except AWESOME AT ANY TIME BUT ESPECIALLY CHRISTMASTIME) Animal Kingdom Lodge. Left late afternoon for MVMCP at...
  15. Stellajack

    Whispering Canyon antics

    Does anyone out there know which question to the cast member at Whispering Canyon causes the ladies to have to wear their napkins on their heads? We'd like to 'set up' some of our party when we eat dinner there. Thanks ahead of time!:D
  16. Stellajack

    E ride nights

    Does anyone know IF or WHEN E-ride nights will be announced for September?
  17. Stellajack

    'Green Army Men'

    Do any of you recent returnees from WDW know if the " little green Army men" are still making their daily appearance at MGM? This is one of the things we just CAN'T MISS seeing if they are still appearing. Thanks in advance for the info.:lookaroun
  18. Stellajack

    Ground Transportation services

    Just put our "feelers" out for airport transportation services. For those of you needing transportation to your resort from the airport, just note that "Tiffany Towncar" DOES NOT provide car seats for children/babies. This info came directly to me in email from Tiffany TC. On the other hand...
  19. Stellajack

    Garden Grill Ice Cream Social

    Has anyone been to the Garden Grill Ice cream Social? If so, how was it? Any tips to pass along?
  20. Stellajack

    Songs of "Every Day's a Holiday"

    :veryconfu Does anyone know the name of the song which precedes "Easter Parade" in "Every Day's a Holiday"? Some of the words talk about "putting on your Sunday clothes", etc., etc. I have been desperately trying to find the name of this song, since I can't get it out of my head. Help please!
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