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  1. JimboJones123

    CM 40% Holiday Merchandise Discount is Active

    I was a bit shocked to find my 40% holiday discount already up and running this weekend. Take that to mean what you will.....
  2. JimboJones123

    Downtown Disney music loop GONE? Disney Springs music loop LIVE??? Plus Earls update.

    Was at the soon to be defunct DTD this afternoon. Gone are the traditional Disney toons, Disney Mania tracks, Disney Broadway Musical numbers, Disney Channel Movie songs...... The entire loop seems to have been wiped for a new set of freshly produced instrumental songs. They are Disney songs...
  3. JimboJones123

    Disneyland Paris Registration info email has been sent!

    http://run.disneylandparis.com/bookings Looks like early registration is with package only in October. Regular registration in January. Wonder what that means for some of us that already have park admission???
  4. JimboJones123

    New Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop?

    I noticed something I had never noticed before. Paul Bunyan being played on the Entrance Loop at Magic Kingdom. Is this new? I had never hear it there before. Maybe it has always played there. Maybe it hasn't. Being one who is always on the look out for some Disney music from deep in the...
  5. JimboJones123

    Is Mr. Gold's Pawnbroker shop on the Streets of America new?

    We just stumbled upon it for the first time yesterday. They have some very up to date stuff too, like the Heroes and Villains book. But not the new name on The Dark One's dagger.
  6. JimboJones123

    Downtown Disney Parking and Traffic over the weekend was insanity

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this was the first weekend where the Marketplace Parking was totally shut down and all traffic for the garage was being routed to a single entrance. When the garage is fully armed and operational, it is going to be amazing. It just was not quite that...
  7. JimboJones123

    Any word on Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special returning?

    We have kind of made it a family tradition to go the past few years and may have missed it if it was announced. Will a possible return of the Frozen stage show take its spot? AI Theater? Back to the much smaller Sounds Dangerous Theater? How is DHS going to handle all the additional...
  8. JimboJones123

    Change to My Disney Experience app

    Don't know if this was noted here, but there has been a change when booking FP+ on the MDE app. Before, if FPs had all been taken for the day for an attraction , the app would show "Not Available" instead of allowing you to select it. Now, it seems, all attractions are able to be selected...
  9. JimboJones123

    Robin Williams Lost Boy movie --

    I totally understand if this has to be moved, but does anybody know if there is a way to locate a copy of the old Animation Courtyard Robin Williams movie that was replaced by the Mushu movie? You know, the one where he was animated into a Lost Boy? Because that would be really neat to see...
  10. JimboJones123

    Osborne Lights a GO!

    I tried to do a search, but didn't find anything. DHS management was told this week that the Lights are officially coming back in 2014. Apparently planning meetings are under way.
  11. JimboJones123

    Magic Kingdom Movie Update(ish)

    /http://collider.com/jon-favreau-chef-jungle-book-magic-kingdom-interview/ Jon Favreau's movie on DL/MK that disappeared a few years ago gets a mention at SXSW.
  12. JimboJones123

    Another new passholder email that says nothing.

    Just figured I would pass this along. It seems like these are not making there way to a great number of passholders...
  13. JimboJones123

    Mission Space runs out of FP first?

    Before Sorin' and Test Track every day. That is some pretty messed up stuff. Between the defaulting and the fact that none of the other Tier 2 attractions need Fastpass, this is happening every morning.
  14. JimboJones123

    AP MyMagic+ Update

    Disney sent this email to APs this weekend: http://view.passholder.disneyparks.com/?j=fe901579766d037f75&m=fe9a15707365027c73&ls=fe1a117576600d747c1776&l=ff6210707c&s=fe35157171610079701670&jb=ff69157474&ju=fe5717727d670d7c7213&r=0 So the MyMagic+ update is that there is no update at all for...
  15. JimboJones123

    structure being erected in Television (cast member) lot at DHS.

    Not sure if this is a regular thing or a new thing. It looks semi-permenant. Easy up, easy down, but more durable than the tents for race weekends. Is this for SW weekends? I do not think the Princess half comes this way? Is it for something else?
  16. JimboJones123

    Disney/Universal get an early Christmas present.

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/blogs/theme-park-rangers/os-seaworld-orlando-shamu-show-20131202,0,5807121.post http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/blogs/theme-park-rangers/os-seaworld-orlando-shamu-show-20131202,0,5807121.post I understand this will probably be moved, but Shamu is...
  17. JimboJones123

    New Dole Whip shirt at Poly!

    I never really liked the old one, but thus one is awesome! NOW LET DOLE WHIPS IN THE TIKI ROOM!
  18. JimboJones123

    Space Mountain Funny Book

    http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2013/10/disney-confirms-space-mountain-graphic-novel-debuts-preview/ Well, it is not a movie or TV show for this attraction.
  19. JimboJones123

    Downtown Disney Entrance 1 is closed.

    Not sure if this is for construction or what, but there are no warning signs as you close in from the Westside. You just cannot get into Entrance 1. Lots of U-turners. Entrance 2 is feeding backwards to get guests back to the first parking lot. Be careful if headed thay way tonight. Not...
  20. JimboJones123

    T-shirts! Getchya Magic Band T-shirts

    Noticed these at Everything POP.
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