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  1. NowInc

    NIK collection now free

    Well, that makes this a no brainer for sure : https://plus.google.com/+NikCollection/posts
  2. NowInc

    New expensive "interactive" merch - Haunted Mansion Ghost Post

    Iphones only (stupid) $200 bucks. Limited amounts. https://ghostrelationsdept.disney.com/ Theres a star wars one as well. *sigh*
  3. NowInc

    Virtual Google "Street View" tour at WDW

    Fine line on if I consider this really "news", but since its apparently a thing that happened, it counts..right? Not sure if this has already been posted, I wasn't able to find anything. Apparently a "street view" rig has been spotted several times roaming around the parks for what will most...
  4. NowInc

    Flickr apparently rolling out print selling features

    Its appearing on some of our accounts (seems random as to who sees it so far), and no word on how the sales will be divided. Seems a bit shady that they would enable such a feature without the consent of the photographer. I, for example, sell prints on my own site (with I am sure will be a far...
  5. NowInc

    Best Haunted Mansion video I've seen

    Seriously impressive quality on this.. *EDIT* fixed link!
  6. NowInc

    Gran Fiesta Tour - New Animatronics

    Anyone got the scoop on this? Just saw pics and its pretty random as far as I can see. Looks like the Three Caballero animatronics from the Micky Mouse Revue
  7. NowInc

    My Review of the Nikon D750 + Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX

    Meant to post this yesterday, but alas..youtube wasn't being nice :)
  8. NowInc

    Is entitlement becoming an issue?

    In my opinion, 100% yes. I will not go into details, but I feel that certain guests are receiving constant, greater experiences simply because of their viewer counts on social media. I am not talking about a sweet "something extra" here and there, but more along the lines of every visit...
  9. NowInc

    Hooke 3D Audio Recorder

    Its only a kickstarter for now, but something I think a lot of the Video community should invest in. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/124900576/hooke-wireless-3d-audio-headphones
  10. NowInc

    Photo Editing Tutorials

    So, as a few of you know, I enjoy teaching. I am FAR more effective in person than I am talking to a computer screen. However, in an attempt to help many who have asked how I edit my photos, I decided to take on a personal project: I will post a tutorial on each image I post (if possible). So...
  11. NowInc

    Accident on Pirates

    Anybody know if the rumors of someone losing a finger on the ride today are true?
  12. NowInc

    Gulfstream park to open huge amusement center

    This is one for my fellow south floridians :) Anyone else pass by Gulfstream park and wonder what that huge structure they are building is? Wonder no more..the 150+ foot Pegasus statue will be the focal point of a massive waterpark/amusement center. check it out...
  13. NowInc

    Andoid "L" perfect for photographers

    Coming up with the new Android OS: http://geeknizer.com/android-5-0-l-supports-pro-photography/
  14. NowInc

    Incredible sale on memory/storage. Today only!

    Thank you, Amazon :) http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=xs_gb_l-1_0942_21277ed2?ie=UTF8&node=7916858011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_s=left-new-1&pf_rd_r=1V1QRJDD73H6DJK6Y8KP&pf_rd_i=20&pf_rd_p=1740370942 for those curious, the extreme cards are currently the speeds of the old extreme PRO...
  15. NowInc

    Ken Rockwell should never ever be listened to

    Was listening to the FroKnowsPhoto podcast http://froknowsphoto.com/rawtalk-82/ at around 40 minutes in (some don't like him either, but at least he gives decent advice), and he was going on about the review Ken Rockwell did on the D3300...and one part in particular stood out, and that is the...
  16. NowInc

    Nikon D5300

    Being announced in a few hours. IF priced correctly, it could be a great addition to the crop-sensor lineup. Rumored specs: 24MP 39 AF points EXPEED 4 Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in GPS Same sensor as in the D7100 (no OLPF) 5 fps (same as the D5200) Full HD video recording at 60p/50p
  17. NowInc

    Nikon D610 announced

    I knew it was coming. When I was looking to buy a new body, I looked heavily into the D600 but decided to stay crop sensor (D7100) instead due to a LOT of complaints I read on issues the 600 was experiencing. Nikon decided that instead of FIXING the D600, they would just replace it. Can't say...
  18. NowInc

    Use welding glass instead of an ND filter

    ..way cheaper.. I'm going to give this a shot asap :D http://blog.flickr.net/en/2013/08/13/through-the-welding-glass/
  19. NowInc

    Very interesting little do-dad

    ...when it goes down in price this can be a VERY awesome addition to my camera bag..especially for theme park usage.. http://vbag.com/ In case you want to see a very good video review on it:
  20. NowInc

    Saw this and thought of all of you :)

    ..and I agree..
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