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  1. acishere

    Being redirected to another site on mobile.

    Just thought I should bring this to someone's attention in case it is an issue for others besides me. On about 5 different occasions I have accessed this site on my Safari browser on mobile and after a few seconds have been automatically redirected to this site: It just happened now and I...
  2. acishere

    What do you do with your pets while at WDW?

    I have been relying on having friends or family when it comes to looking after my dog when I have to go away, but for my trip next week it just was not working out. My cousin agreed to take her in, but recently adopted a stray cat that was freaking out when she looked after another family...
  3. acishere

    First DL trip this April! I have some questions...

    I will be visiting DL & CA for the 1st time on the 17th and 18th which is a Wed/Thurs. What kind of crowds should we expect? We are also staying about 20 minutes away at a friend's place. During my WDW trips I always felt that taking a break in the afternoon really saved us having...
  4. acishere

    The Sassagoula Times

    My mom was talking about how wonder our stays at POR were when I was a child and it caused me to go up into my old room and go on a massive search for an old relic lost in a bookcase. It was the old paper that they gave you at check in that told the backstory of Dixie Landings. Well I...
  5. acishere

    Where can I get the best non-fast food burger in WDW?

    I'm talking a nice big flame grilled bar-type burger. I've been craving one lately. Plus I love to track down great burger places wherever I go.
  6. acishere

    Are there any good apps for WDW that I can get for a Blackberry?

    My phone never seems to have any of the good apps available. Is there any apps that show wait times, crowd levels, and what is closed? Usually after a while my phone is the last one with a charge toward the end of the day and will need to be called upon.
  7. acishere

    What do you like to do on your arrival day?

    Usually we try and take the earliest flight possible so there is time for us to hit up a water park or explore World Showcase. This trip it will probably be about 6pm by the time we reach the All Stars. I kind of feel like we are wasting a day now. So, I guess we will just be exploring...
  8. acishere

    Are there any issues with being on the Dining Plan when the rest of your group is not

    For my upcoming trip I will be touring through the parks with about 8 other family members who are going to be staying offsite. Me and girlfriend will be the only ones staying on property. I have never used the dining plan before so I'm totally confused by how it works. Is it better to just...
  9. acishere

    Christmas lights: LED vs. Regular

    So I got all new LED icicle lights for the outside of my house this year and I thought they looked pretty nice. However both my parents, 2 of my neighbors, the worker at Home Depot when I bought them, and my girlfriend all flat out hate the white LED lights. When there is nothing else being...
  10. acishere

    Am I nuts for trying to turn this down?

    So for my Disney trip in June I was assuming that certain family members would be coming along and filling up any room in my cousins offsite timeshare that some people would have to find alternative lodging. Actually it was also me hoping to have to stay elsewhere so I could actually stay...
  11. acishere

    New fom NJ

    Hello, I've been an occasional lurker for about a month now and finally decided to sign up to help for when I start planning my 2012 WDW vacation. Its my 1st trip there as an adult and has been a loong time coming!
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