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  1. CinderMama

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's Go to Disney: a 4th of July Extravaganza

    I often follow along and enjoy your TR's but don't comment. But I had to drop in to say that picture of you all tickling Max is about the cutest thing I have every seen! What great memory!
  2. CinderMama

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river, and I'm almost there!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip! While the Disney parts were interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the first part of your trip. I've never given Japan much thought as a travel destination but it really looks so beautiful. And I agree with the importance of learning a few key...
  3. CinderMama

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river, and I'm almost there!

    Following along and enjoying so far! The vending machine video was really very interesting!
  4. CinderMama

    FOP for 6 year old?

    It does really depend on the kid. We rode last fall with my almost 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter. My son loved it, rode it twice. My daughter, who is slightly adventurous - loves Soarin', was very scared. Not scared of ride content necessarily, she felt like she was going to fall...
  5. CinderMama

    Counting down the days until our surprise late October trip to the World!

    Counting down the days until our surprise late October trip to the World!
  6. CinderMama

    Trip Report When can we do this again? A Fractal family Odyssey. *COMPLETED*

    Thanks for taking us on your journey! You've captured some amazing memories for your beautiful family! Makes me so excited for our trip (with only 2 of our 4 kids) in just 20 days!
  7. CinderMama

    Dining plan question

    Our family of 6 was at WDW the week leading up to Thanksgiving last year (we flew home on Thanksgiving day). We booked the trip with rather short notice, like maybe 3 mo. in advance, and I was able to find table service meals for us each day. We actually ate at all the restaurants we wanted...
  8. CinderMama

    Trip Report "It's for work, I swear!"

    I have several co-workers at that conference. I've been pretty jealous, Orlando and John Cleese?! C'mon!
  9. CinderMama

    Best use of A Snack Credit?

    For a more savory snack, a big Mickey pretzel is always good. I haven't been in a few years, but there were a few places that sold a jalapeno-cream cheese stuffed pretzel, those were super yummy.
  10. CinderMama

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* 6 Parks, F&W Fest, MNSSHP & One HUGEEE Surprise!!!

    Yay! So much love for Mary Poppins :happy:! Enjoying your report, thanks for sharing!
  11. CinderMama

    Fingers crossed for a quick November trip!

    Fingers crossed for a quick November trip!
  12. CinderMama

    Best character dining for 7 and9 year old boys

    We've always liked the Garden Grill quite a bit. It's a little more low key than some of the other character meals. We've eaten there maybe 3 times and the character interaction (Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale) has been really good. The last time we ate there our boys were probably 9 and 10...
  13. CinderMama

    Trip Report It's a Great Big Beautiful California- COMPLETED

    Really enjoying your trip report so far! I knew the façade of Small World got a holiday overlay, but I guess I didn't realize that the inside does too, so pretty. We were there about 5 years ago, and I also really like the addition of the characters on the ride. I think its subtle enough...
  14. CinderMama

    Trip Report Feb 2015 - When there's a smile in your heart!

    Enjoying and following along. Love those Monsters shirts!
  15. CinderMama

    Longing to return to the World

    Longing to return to the World
  16. CinderMama

    Trip Report Our Wonder-ful October 2014 cruise and Magic Kingdom day

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your vacation! I'm dying to try a DCL cruise, but your MK pictures really have me longing for another trip to the WDW. Here's hoping we both are able to return in the near future!
  17. CinderMama

    Just trying to stay warm!

    Just trying to stay warm!
  18. CinderMama

    WDWMAGIC Takes the Cake - The Official Cake Talk

    Those Frozen cakes are amazing. We just finally saw the movie yesterday and loved it! Won't be showing those to my daughter, don't need to give her any ideas. Also, love love love your snow globe cake, Sandy! Seriously adorable. Happy New Year to you and your family!
  19. CinderMama

    In the final countdown!!!

    In the final countdown!!!
  20. CinderMama

    Vera Bradley/Disney Bags?

    Agreed! I really wanted to like the other ones but just didn't. This one is super cute though. And I love the colors so much more! Looks like I just figured out how to spend my birthday money!:joyfull:
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