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  1. KevinPage

    *NEW* things “TO DO” with parks reopening

    This can either be: NEW TO YOU or NEW DUE TO COVID CHANGES As a local this weekend will be our first visits back since March 15. Trying to keep things fresh and maybe do stuff we normally don’t do or wanted to try out. Here’s what I came up with so far: DHS - sit front row of Muppets to...
  2. KevinPage

    I don’t know for a fact...I just know it’s true

    1. I don’t know for a fact that The Tomorrowland entrance sign was removed and will be replaced by a Toy Story banner, I just know it’s true 2. I don’t know for a fact that Yeti on Expedition Everest won’t be fixed because Disney doesn’t own the rights to the Small Foot movie, I just know it’s...
  3. KevinPage

    Back from the dead

    Not sure who’s still around these days from when I was a regular poster to site in 2004-2005. Only names I remember from back then : General Grizz Mkt Anyone remember lil ole me? 😎😎😎
  4. KevinPage

    Just returned to the parks/forum after a LONG absence

    Not sure who remembers me as it's been a few years since I've been active on the forum. I think the last big active time for me was around the "Save Disney" with Roy timeframe. I helped BwanaBob with the Illuminations party (Summer 2004?) as well. Anyways, still living in Orlando and just...
  5. KevinPage

    Special MK Fireworks tomorrow 09/20 ???

    My daughter's teacher (her husband works for Disney) stated that tomorrow night (Saturday) they will be doing an unannounced special fireworks show at the MK. She mentioned that when a new fireworks manufacturer tries to obtain a contract with Disney they do "more than the usual WISHES"...
  6. KevinPage

    SWAN or DOLPHIN - which do I choose ?

    I have never stayed at either resort. Price is not really an issue since we are only staying for 2 days & Swan is $20 more per night ($40 total). I know the Swan has been recently renovated, but the Dolphin was a few years ago. Swan is smaller so probably easier to get around quicker...
  7. KevinPage

    BlueZoo, Kimonos & Il Mulino opinions please

    Since we're locals and have eaten just about everywhere else in the "world" at this point, we wanted to try these 3 places as we rarely get over to the Swan & Dolphin. Just looking for some opinions on any of them. Il Mulino I heard was good, but not nearly as good as the Manhatten flagship...
  8. KevinPage

    October AP rates expected?

    Currently they have specials running until September 27th. Traditionally do they run any special AP rates for October? Thanks :D
  9. KevinPage

    Massage chairs to be installed at SPACE MOUNTAIN

    FYI - no idea if this is big news or totally trivial, but...... My neighbor, who works for Smart Carte (company that does electronic lockers, carts, etc.) told me he is going to be installing "massage chairs" over at Space Mountain next week (after the 4th of July). He didn't know why or...
  10. KevinPage

    Toy Story Mania - open for Memorial Day?

    I searched and didn't see this asked already (don't shoot me if it has). Was thinking of going to DHS either today (Sunday) or tomorrow (Memorial Day) to ride TSM, but couldn't figure out if was going to be open or not. Thanks :D:D:D
  11. KevinPage

    I'm sellingmy STAR WARS 12" dolls, if interested

    I'm not going to post the whole list, but if you are interested, feel free to email me: kevpage@comcast.net or call 407-208-9915 I have 56 different ones, all Mint in Box, from the Collector's Series (mid 90's) through AOTC. (not the vintage stuff from the 70's, early 80's). I'm not looking...
  12. KevinPage

    What time do they let you into the park for the Halloween Party ?

    I know it starts at 7pm, but in the past they allowed entry at about 4:30-5PM at the front gate. Haven't been to the party in a few years and my AP expires the day before and I'm not renewing until later in the month. Thanks for the help :D:D:D
  13. KevinPage

    Hey LOCALS - doesn't attenance seem reasonable right now?

    Compared to the last 2-3 years it seem downright manageable. Went to MK this past Saturday, and Fantasyland was enjoyable, even when I left around 1:30pm park didn't seem overly crowded at all. Other locals I know who went to Epoct said that Soarin' wasn't it's usual 60 minutes plus, only...
  14. KevinPage

    Eternal Sonata RPG: Xbox 360

    Anyone else excited for this one? Somewhat of your typical Japanese styled RPG, but the game is based around Chopin on his death band and the game takes place inside his dreams. Looks original, great music & the demo on Xbox Live was fun (eyes literally bursted from all the colors)...
  15. KevinPage

    Anime recommendations please

    Looking to find out some of the better anime movies/TV series since I generally only know of the stuff shown on Adult Swim and other cable channels here in the US. The animes I have enjoyed are: Ghost in the Shell, Fooley Cooley (FLCL), Ninja Scroll, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebob. I've seen...
  16. KevinPage

    Anyone good at using TORRENTS?

    I'm new to this & able to search & download, but my speeds are waaaaay too slow. When I run a test it tells me that my Port is not Forwarded. But I can still search & download. Would forwarding a port increase D/L speeds? And what are the ramifications of port forwarding good/bad...
  17. KevinPage

    Jerry Fallwell DEAD

    http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/05/15/jerry.falwell/index.html At the risk of sounding morbid and offending anyone, I'll hold my opinions back. :ROFLOL: :ROFLOL: :ROFLOL:
  18. KevinPage

    Can I get a "joost" invite ???

    Anyone involved in the Joost BETA? If so and you could send me an invite, I would appreciate it.
  19. KevinPage

    Italian Resturarant in Manhatten recommendation please

    Going to visit the family and was torn between a few different restuarants, so wanted to get an idea about a few I had in mind and maybe some that you could recommend. The in-laws are interested in Carmine's - family style place, they have 2 locations in Theater Dsitrict & the Upper West Side...
  20. KevinPage

    Monstors Inc: LF - better suited in Innoventions or Future World Pavillion

    Was able to see this over the weekend and while not as bad as people lead me to believe going in, I don't see this attraction having any type of longevity at all. The attraction needs some pomp & circumstance. There's nothing to get excited about, they play it way too low key. I'm not going...
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