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  1. wdwfan22

    Hard Ticket Events in June

    Villains after hours ran on a couple of dates in June.
  2. wdwfan22

    Rumor Jingle Bell Jingle Bam

    I personally don’t think the projections shows are needed. Every time I’ve been in the park there has only been a handful of people watching and those that are watching are expecting fireworks. I’m sure satisfaction scores can’t be that high for a projection show.
  3. wdwfan22

    Bob Weis steps down as WDI President

    You can now lead Imagineering with just one year of experience at Disney. It's amazing how Disney just keeps making poor decisions.
  4. wdwfan22


    Unless you are staying at a Disney resort or participating hotel you won’t be allowed to ride anything until the park opens at 11 am.
  5. wdwfan22

    Hard Ticket Events in June

    Some form of Disney After Hours most likely will be presented this summer.
  6. wdwfan22

    Very surprised about no Dining Plan announcement yet

    The dining plan won’t return until restaurant capacity is close to being back to normal.
  7. wdwfan22

    Living with the baboons

    Having seen a couple of fights break out at both Magic Kingdom and Epcot security has the slowest response time ever. Most of the time the fight is done and the Guests continue on there way before they show up.
  8. wdwfan22

    Rumor Jingle Bell Jingle Bam

    Multiple dates in December have no park availability
  9. wdwfan22

    Making a Payment towards upcoming "room only" reservation.

    You can pay using the automated payment system so you don’t have to hold. We did this just recently. when you call just say make a payment. It was fast and painless.
  10. wdwfan22

    Contemporary Garden Wing Refurb

    The garden wings have not been refurbished yet. They really need to get on it. The rooms are looking very rough. We stayed in one in August and had to change rooms because of some issues. They are not worth the price right now.
  11. wdwfan22

    Parking at MK resorts to tour Christmas Decorations

    I’m sure the restaurant will love that.
  12. wdwfan22

    Nemo the Musical filleted

    I don’t get all the hate for them either. Yes they jump the gun sometimes but they are right quite a bit. They also are about the only Disney site that will call Disney out on poor performance. Some of the other sites glorify everything. I can’t stand all ears and the food blog anymore.
  13. wdwfan22

    MSEP coming to Orlando?

    Everything begins as a limited run and ends up staying for years.
  14. wdwfan22

    Is Universal going to catch up to Disney on nighttime shows?

    I’m sorry but cinematic celebration is nothing but a clip show with fountains. Disney surpasses them with enchantment and harmonious as they both have full scale fireworks in the show.
  15. wdwfan22

    What is going on with Disney telephone contact?

    Tweet them and they will normal respond with a direct email link. After I emailed them they called me within an hour.
  16. wdwfan22

    WDW or Universal this Christmas?

    The decorations alone at Walt Disney World trump Universal. Having been to both multiple times, I'll still pick Disney every time.
  17. wdwfan22

    WDW or Universal this Christmas?

    Disney does the holidays better.
  18. wdwfan22

    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    Fireworks were never in danger of being cut from the Florida parks. Parades on the other hand are and have been from every park except for Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom did eliminate the nighttime parade.
  19. wdwfan22

    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    I think those days are gone unless we begin to see a massive attendance drop.
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