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  1. Brad Bishop

    Beacons of Magic

    I saw the videos of the Beacons of Magic for each of the parks. Magic Kingdom - more projections and left me with "meh" Animal Kingdom - looked ok. Still left me with "meh" HS - It feels like they picked the wrong icon. I would have picked the Chinese Theater. Still. More projections. "meh" Let...
  2. Brad Bishop

    Missed Opportunities

    I thought it might be cool to have a "missed opportunities" thread (don't think of it as a wishlist of canceled things but more like a "Why didn't they do that?" sort of thing). For example, the one I think of is the Tron Coaster at the Magic Kingdom: They should have spent just a bit extra and...
  3. Brad Bishop

    What if Disney doesn't pull out?

    I hate to even raise this but it's been on my mind: Disney bought a bunch of IPs / studios before COVID-19 hit. Now everything they do is effectively closed except for Disney+ which still needs a return on investment. They've since borrowed more money ($Billions). They're not seeing a return on...
  4. Brad Bishop

    2021 Will Be Telling

    With all of the excuses of poor attendance at the parks: - "Everyone is waiting for SWGE to open" - "Everyone is waiting for the blackout dates to end" - "Everyone is waiting for Rise of the Resistance to open" - "Everyone is waiting for <insert other ride> to open" - "Everyone is waiting for...
  5. Brad Bishop

    Will it Star Wars?

    This started becoming a tangent based on something I posted in a separate thread and figured I'd put it in it's own thread as to not derail the original thread: I don't mean to just be negative with this. I'm not saying it'd be an absolute flop, either. What I'm trying to convey is that the...
  6. Brad Bishop

    Incredibles Coaster

    Just saw this video: That looks like a really lame retrofit to me. It basically feels like a coaster with random Incredibles characters attached to it for no particular reason. I didn't even have any sort of opinion towards it before I saw the video. Before I thought, "Ok.. They're doing some...
  7. Brad Bishop

    Skyliner question: If they're not routable...

    The Skyliner is neat. I remember asking a while back: are they routable? Meaning: Could I get in one at, say, Pop Century and ride it all the way to Epcot. When I asked, I think it was @marni1971, I was told, "no". This greatly diminishes the value of the Skyliner to me. If I get in a...
  8. Brad Bishop

    Disney Brand Loyalty

    I was thinking about this in reference to the "Has Epcot Failed?" thread: A lot of us grew up with various versions of Disney: - if you're really old: Disney made a talkie! - Disney makes animated features! - Old Disney cartoons - The War (II) effort. - Disneyland - Davy Crockett - The...
  9. Brad Bishop

    After Avatar - DAK

    I happened to be watching the latest episode of The Magic Weekly (YouTube). One of the topics was something like what comes after Avatar. The host, who's very enthusiastic, talked about how Avatar will pull people in which means more visitors which means more money and more expansion for DAK...
  10. Brad Bishop

    Corporate Speak

    I happened to be watching a WDW produced video on SSE and how it was built this weekend on YouTube. They interviewed some of the people in charge of the project and what stood out to me was how plainly they spoke, how proud they were of the accomplishment (not their individual accomplishment but...
  11. Brad Bishop

    Disneyland Resort Photos

    More here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bishopland/albums/72157658870753953
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