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  1. S.I.R. the Robot

    Game on. Here's the ghost.

    Game on. Here's the ghost.
  2. S.I.R. the Robot

    Body Wars 2 Aka Virus Wars (a new simulator revamp ride) (EPCOT Center)

    You get to go inside Tom Holland?! But... I like Tobey Maguire... And if I had to go inside anyone Disney-related it'd be the Falcon, so... why not Anthony Mackie?
  3. S.I.R. the Robot

    Bring Akio Back!!

    A long time ago, in January 2018, I made a thread in the Imagineer section detailing a dream Wonders of Life attraction called "Tooth Protectors." It was basically an animesque simulator in which Dr. Sakura (Allison Janney??) goes into the body of a "bespectacled, blonde male" named Akio (voiced...
  4. S.I.R. the Robot

    DINOSAUR merch removed

    YES. I LOVE that show. And for the love of Mickey, include a reference to Blarney somewhere.
  5. S.I.R. the Robot

    Alternate Universe Epcot

    Is Sark in this? He's my favourite computer virus that isn't from Warner Bros.
  6. S.I.R. the Robot

    Top 10 Wishes & Ideas For Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary

    Acknowledge the Snow White's Adventures ride from 1971-1994. Just... why would they put that in the park?
  7. S.I.R. the Robot

    Disney's RetroCOT (update on pg. 3)

    How about George Lowe and the ghost of C. Martin Croker?
  8. S.I.R. the Robot

    Disney's RetroCOT (update on pg. 3)

    Is Gary Owens gonna be in World of Motion? :inlove:
  9. S.I.R. the Robot

    Your EPCOT future world ideas

    World of Motion narrated by George Lowe
  10. S.I.R. the Robot

    Make a ride

    Who sounds a little too much like Master Hand from the first Smash Bros.
  11. S.I.R. the Robot

    Give Me Your Best Disney Memes

    My favorite part of Future World got removed in 1996. So, there.
  12. S.I.R. the Robot

    Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?

    Has anyone seen Space Ghost Coast to Coast? It is my favorite show of all time and it is PROVEN to help with anxiety and depression. I was depressed from intrusive thoughts a few Sundays ago, and I put the show on HBO Max, and by Wednesday, I was feeling better!
  13. S.I.R. the Robot

    Make a ride

    They can't update the area because any improvements would have to be negotiated with Disney.
  14. S.I.R. the Robot

    Make a ride

  15. S.I.R. the Robot

    Make a ride

    A ride about computers in Epcot that features a sentient, evil computer virus similar to Swayzak (an obscure character from Toonami.) Bonus points if he has a New Zealander accent.
  16. S.I.R. the Robot

    Personified EPCOT

    I've created personified versions of the classic EPCOT rides. They are all diverse, kinda like the American Sailor Moon pilot (look that up and prepare to die laughing. I genuinely like it, though.) Gary Carson - A personified version of World of Motion. Yes, you know where his name comes from...
  17. S.I.R. the Robot

    Ahh the nostalgia....

    I would've loved to meet Donatello. He's my favorite turtle, because he "does machines" just like I do.
  18. S.I.R. the Robot

    Best Extinct Epcot dark ride - Poll

    World of Motion, because it had Gary Owens.
  19. S.I.R. the Robot

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    But Corey Burton doing an evil computer voice (you all know what part I'm referring to.) 14 years before he was Krypton.
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