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  1. Brer Panther

    Princess and the Frog dark ride for Critter Country (not a Splash Mountain replacement) and Fantasyland

    Okay, so as you all know, I'm against the Splash Mountain retheme. I've suggested this before, but I still think it'd be a good idea to spare Splash Mountain and build a Princess and the Frog ride elsewhere in the parks that could actually act as a companion to Splash Mountain, a tamer...
  2. Brer Panther

    Things we can learn from Disney attractions

    Thought of this a while back - is it possible for theme park attractions to have morals? I don't know, but surely there are some things we can learn from Disney attractions. For example, It's Tough to Be a Bug teaches the moral that you should appreciate bugs. If you don't, a grasshopper will...
  3. Brer Panther

    Creepy Disney walk-around costumes!

    Howdy, folks! I thought it'd be fun to have a thread where we post creepy, ugly, and/or weird-looking Disney character walk-around costumes, both official and unlicensed (as in bootlegs), and make quips about them. To start things off, here we have proof that the Woody and Buzz costumes in the...
  4. Brer Panther

    The Great Gonzo's Daredevil Academy (a new dark ride for Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    This is an idea that I've been working on for a while... a lot of ideas for Muppet dark rides have been tossed around over the years, so I wanted to try my own. Hope you like it! Picture this. You're walking through Disney's Hollywood Studios. All week, you've been hearing folks online talking...
  5. Brer Panther

    Ranking the dark rides

    This was inspired by a similar thread in the Disneyland forum. How would you all rank the dark rides at the Disney World? Here's my ranking. Winnie the Pooh: Gets way too much flack simply because Mr. Toad closed to make room for it. In my opinion, this is how you do a "book report" dark ride...
  6. Brer Panther

    Disney Down Under, Take 2: My Second Attempt at a Dream Disney Resort

    Over the years, I have multiple times attempted to create a Disney resort of my own, inspired by the projects of other Armchair Imagineers like @MANEATINGWREATH and @DisneyManOne. I'll say this first and foremost - it's hard. Really, really hard. But, I am going to try it again. My own version...
  7. Brer Panther

    Something weird that I've noticed

    Remember the merchandise they sold at the Disney parks that featured Mickey Mouse and friends as the characters? Mickey was Luke and Minnie was Leia. And there was also a similar series of action figures involving the Muppets as Star Wars characters. Kermit was Luke and Piggy was Leia. So, I’m...
  8. Brer Panther

    The Jungle Book at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Forgive me if there's already a thread like this... If the upcoming Jungle Book remake is a success, what do you think the odds are of Disney's Animal Kingdom getting an attraction based on the original?
  9. Brer Panther

    Tracking the Evolution of the Dark Ride

    Theme Park Insider posted an interesting article on the "more screens, less physical sets" mindset of dark rides nowadays: http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201602/4967/ Your thoughts?
  10. Brer Panther

    It's a Small World Movie

    http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/661033-its-a-small-world-movie And it's being written by the same folks that wrote "Marmaduke". This should be interesting...
  11. Brer Panther

    'Frozen' Christmas Special coming soon

    http://eclipsemagazine.com/new-frozen-holiday-special-coming/ Meanwhile, Disney's other recent movies like 'Big Hero 6' and 'Wreck-It Ralph' continue to be ignored...
  12. Brer Panther

    MuppetVision coming back?

    What do you think are the odds of MuppetVision 3D coming back now that Anna and Elsa are kicking Aladdin out of the park? I personally believe that they'll keep both Frozen shows. And that even if the sing-along DOES close, MuppetVision 3D won't be coming back.
  13. Brer Panther

    What area would you add to Animal Kingdom?

    I've heard a lot of complaints about Avatar Land. If they had decided to go with an actual continent as opposed to Pandora, which would you have chosen? I'm not sure what I'd choose. Australia could be cool.
  14. Brer Panther

    Insert Muppets into attractions!

    This was a fun little game I came up with inspired by threads like "Ruin Your Favorite Rides". Take an attraction, ANY attraction, on property and insert the Muppets. Let's start off with an old classic... The Seas With Pepe the King Prawn! "Si, the world, it is so big and blue, okay?"
  15. Brer Panther

    Fantasyland dark rides

    If Disney were to get rid of one of Disneyland's Fantasyland dark rides, which one do you think they'd get rid of? Alice and Peter Pan just got refurbishments, and Toad's too popular to get rid of. So probably either Snow White or Pinocchio.
  16. Brer Panther

    Cruella DeVil: the Movie

    So, there's gonna be a movie about Cruella de Vil... Anyone else willing to bet that it'll be like Maleficent, where they try to make the bad guy look good by making the good guys look bad?
  17. Brer Panther

    Which live action remake do you think they'll announce next?

    Disney's been announcing so many live action remakes this year, it's difficult to guess which one will be announced next. If I had to guess, maybe Pocahontas or The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
  18. Brer Panther

    Is story important in dark rides?

    Or is it more about atmosphere? I've noticed that the most recent dark ride built at Disney World, the Little Mermaid, doesn't have much of either. Well, it SORT OF has a story, but it kind of stops aruptly. And when you come down to it, Peter Pan doesn't have much of a story either, but it has...
  19. Brer Panther

    Disney movies you think are underrated?

    What Disney movie do you think is really, really underrated? I vote for Winnie the Pooh. If only Disney realized that it bombed at the box office because they put it up against the sat Harry Potter movie, not because it was traditionally animated and didn't have enough celebrities voicing the...
  20. Brer Panther

    Design a Dark Ride!

    This thread was inspired by the "Make a Parade" thread. The idea is that you can post any ideas for dark rides, for any Disney (or Universal) resort here. And yes, while the focus is mainly on dark rides, you can post your ideas for things like indoor coasters (a la Crush's Coaster) and boat...
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