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  1. ToTBellHop

    Full Vaccination Required Ages 5+ Starting 1/13/22

  2. ToTBellHop

    Boma Rotation

    For those who have been, does Boma still have the same rotation as previously? We preferred the Wednesday/Saturday menu over the others and would plan around it. Thanks!
  3. ToTBellHop

    Current Covid Protocols

    Given the difference in masking guidelines between Universal and Disney, what percentage of guests would you estimate are currently masking up indoors at Universal?
  4. ToTBellHop

    What Walt Disney World Means to You at 50

    I thought it would be nice to have a space where we don’t complain or even comment on the specific 50th offerings and instead share what Walt Disney World means to us all as it turns 50. I definitely have a lot of emotions today as Walt Disney World celebrates its 50th anniversary. My love of...
  5. ToTBellHop

    Troubling Party Season Update

    I’m sure many will say, “saw this coming,” but I’m told Chapek has paid some attention to after hours parties and decided that, going forward, he wants to give guests what they’ve been asking for. We’ve been complaining that parties are too crowded for years. Apparently, After Hours events will...
  6. ToTBellHop

    Splash Mtn Seating

    I have a nervous 8-year old used to the seating arrangement at MK. Will they let him sit with his mom on the back row of Splash? It looks wider.
  7. ToTBellHop

    Stormalong Bay Hours

    Anyone been around Crescent Lake this month who can report on the Stormalong Bay pool hours? Still opening at 10 am or back to 9 am for summer?
  8. ToTBellHop

    Park Open Procedures

    I thought a separate thread would be nice given that this has been changing. What is the park open process at each park now? Is rope drop back? When do the gates open? When do rides open?
  9. ToTBellHop

    Fireworks are back!

  10. ToTBellHop

    Dining Reservations

    For those who want dining reservations, they open at 3:00 am PDT 60 days out. Not sure how they settled on that hour but that is the exact time. Blue Bayou is usually gone by about 4:00 am PDT, so set an alarm or 3 if you want that.
  11. ToTBellHop

    Memory Maker

    Now that masks will be gone, any thoughts on Memory Maker? Worth it? I feel like I didn’t see many photographers but I wasn’t looking, either. Did I miss them?
  12. ToTBellHop

    RIP Samuel E. Wright

    The voice of Sebastian has passed away. 😢
  13. ToTBellHop

    Park Opening

    Are the parks still opening before the posted time? How early? Does it vary by park? TIA
  14. ToTBellHop


    Currently: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters through June 25, 2021 Jungle Cruise through June 28, 2021 (furthest the calendar goes) Matterhorn Bobsleds through June 28, 2021 (furthest the calendar goes)
  15. ToTBellHop

    Summer 2022 Releasing Soon

    I just received an email that my Future Cruise Credit for a canceled May 2020 cruise has been extended from a 5/31/22 end date to all cruises before 9/30/22. I presume that means they are about to announce summer 2022 itineraries.
  16. ToTBellHop

    Stormalong Bay Waterslide Refurbishment

    The Stormalong Bay Waterslide is closing at some point this month for an indeterminate amount of time. I presume it will reopen by Spring Break, but no date is listed for its return. Update: it should reopen in March.
  17. ToTBellHop

    Christmas Music

    Never been at Christmas—does Universal replace its area music with Christmas music this time of year like Disney does?
  18. ToTBellHop

    Wilderness Lodge Reopening June 6, 2021

    Title says it all.
  19. ToTBellHop

    Party Season 2021

    What’s more 2020 than thinking ahead to the holidays in 2021? I’m told they are planning for the return of MNSSHP and MVMCP. Complete with some upgrades over 2019‘s parties. Get yo’ vaccine next Spring!
  20. ToTBellHop

    Resort TV (or...how dare you all?!)

    I am extremely upset to have to say this, but I’m shocked and appalled with everyone here. I come to realize, without any notification from this website, that the resort tv loop has reverted back to its objectively-better ~2017 music where every other song is from Fantasia or Peter Pan...
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