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    How long is the wait for Gideon's?

    asking for a friend
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    what do i try first when i get to Disney Springs?

    havent been to either
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    making ADRs questions

    do i have to make an ADR at the same park reservation i have that day? for example if i have a reservation for HS and i want to eat at Tiffins that night can i do that?
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    what if my flight info got changed by about an hour?

    do i need to call Magical Express?
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    touring plan for DHS

    havent been to DHS since TSL and Star Wars opened is there a strategy for park opening thinking Mickeys runaway then TSL coaster is this accurate?
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    Are people finding difficult to get reservations that they want?

    also do we feel that Disney will begin to expand restaurant capacity as the vaccines get rolled out?
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    party of 12

    can i book online for a party of 12 or do i need to call with such a big party?
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    question on switching hotels

    staying at the Poly our first night and then going to OKW what do i need to do to get to OKW and can disney take us or at what our luggage?
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    people visiting Vero

    we re going to Disneys vero resort next weekend and we have friends that are locals. can they come to the resort and see us? can they park at the resort?
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    Trip Report Quick three day trip

    first time ive been in the spring quick comments weather was outstanding Crowds were very tolerable other than DAK on Saturday (4/14) Honest to God i think Pandora/FOP/NRJ are busier now than they were last summer Via Napoli has outstanding pizza Smash Mouth was pretty good Friday DHS needs more...
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    Top 3 rides and at each park and overall go...

    MK-HM, Splash, Big Thunder EP-Test Track, Soarin, SE DHS-TOT, RNRC, TSMM DAK-FOP, Everest, Safari overall-FOP, Everest, Splash
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    Touring MK with no fast passes

    any suggestions obviously get there before opening but what else?
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    AP parking question

    do i have to have my passes to get free parking? reason i ask is i will pick them up at the ticket window when i get there may 12th, do i pay for parking first or should i go to DS and get them and then go to the parks
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    can you max out on FP

    im going in may and june and its telling me i cant book anymore FP is that accurate or a glitch
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    Pandora Spoiler Thread

    how bout we start a spoiler thread since we know people are beginning to go through the land. So any pics inside the land should be put in the land Sound Good?
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    Yak and Yeti suggestions

    Going for the first time May 13th what do you like there and why?
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    Pic test

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