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  1. Bill in Atlanta

    Purple exit signs in Disney/Pixar Short Film pre-show area

    I feel like these were designed for a long-defunct attraction. Anyone know?
  2. Bill in Atlanta

    SpectroMagic: The short term and long term future

    Was listening to the legendary SpectroMagic soundtrack today and got to thinking. Will we ever see the greatest parade to ever grace WDW grounds return? The post-pandemic return of parades in general would be as good a time as any. But, assuming that doesn’t happen, will we ever get to see...
  3. Bill in Atlanta

    WDW park hours extended in March; possibly beyond?

    https://www.wdwmagic.com/calendar.htm For some nights in March, MK will be open until 10pm, and Epcot until 11pm. I'm guessing this will also be the case for the months ahead, but it won't be posted until right before. This is a great sign on the road back to normalcy. I apologize if this...
  4. Bill in Atlanta

    Getting back to your resort late at night

    If you have a 9pm dining reservation at one resort, is it possible to get back to the resort at which you’re staying after your meal? For example, eating at Beaches & Cream, and returning to Poly. Thanks in advance Bill
  5. Bill in Atlanta

    Future ride technology

    With trackless rides now a reality, is the next logical progression a "choose your own path" type of concept? I've thought about this ever since I rode Horizons as a kid and got to choose which video ending to watch. It would be cool if you'd have enough sequential choices such that you'd...
  6. Bill in Atlanta

    How to "lessen the blow" of leaving WDW?

    For those of us who love Disney World, leaving on that last day is always a bummer. I've learned to not make MK our last day because my wife has a hard time walking out past that beautiful castle and down Main Street. It's a little easier when our last day is AK or HS :) What other things do...
  7. Bill in Atlanta

    The week before Thanksgiving 2019 (Nov 18-22)

    I would think the crowds that week would be moderate, but touringplans.com has predicted very high crowd levels (8’s and 9’s the entire week). I’ve always read that touringplans is the gold standard of crowd prediction; however, I question their estimate this time. The historical (observed)...
  8. Bill in Atlanta

    Split Stay question

    We'll leave our luggage with bell service as we depart our 1st resort, then head to Epcot. We'll be arriving at our 2nd resort around midnight or 1am (we plan on doing Epcot EMH that night). Will bell services be around that late to retrieve our luggage from the back? Is it possible to have...
  9. Bill in Atlanta

    Hollywood Studios hours after Galaxy’s Edge opens

    By late 2019 Hollywood Studios will have Toy Story Land, Galaxy’s Edge, and the Mickey coaster open. Has there been any discussion about park hours being extended to a schedule more like Magic Kingdom’s hours?
  10. Bill in Atlanta

    Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios

    I read where the Star Wars expansion will be 14 acres which does not include the Star Wars resort. What are they building to fill 14 acres? 2 rides, a cantina, a couple of gift shops and restrooms could fit in 2-3 acres you’d think.
  11. Bill in Atlanta

    WDW Crowd Talk

    We were just in WDW last week, and even though the Touringplans.com crowd estimates were 2's, 3's, and 4's, the actual crowds were 5's, 6's, and 7's. That unexpected bump, coupled with parks closing at 8pm, made things a little tougher than we anticipated. Is September a more reliably less...
  12. Bill in Atlanta

    December crowd levels - conflicting info

    We are headed to WDW from Dec 17-21. Undercover Tourist has the crowd levels at 6,6,5,4,6 for those days. Touring Plans has them at 8,10,10,10,10. That's a pretty huge difference! Which of these two sites is typically more accurate? Anyone else have a good feel for the crowd levels on...
  13. Bill in Atlanta

    Check-in question

    We are driving into WDW and arriving in the morning. We want to go to Magic Kingdom first, but we're staying at the Boardwalk Villas. Would the best thing be to park at the Magic Kingdom, then move our car to Boardwalk Villas after we leave the park that night? Will we be able to check in...
  14. Bill in Atlanta

    December 2016 Crowds

    I'm looking at this crowd calendar: https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/december-2016/#calendar I've noticed that the crowds don't reach crazy-busy levels until Dec. 22nd. Does that sound right? I am looking at booking for Dec. 16-21 and it appears not to be that busy...
  15. Bill in Atlanta

    I need advice from the biggest Disney nerd out there!

    Disclaimer: I realize none of this is very interesting to any one else :), but I am in a Disney planning predicament and could really use some help from a "Disney pro"! Long story short: I'm trying to plan a family trip December 2016 through one of the DVC rental sites. Those sites require...
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