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    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    Why do you assume that kids are the main target audience for fireworks? Aren't fireworks something everyone enjoys?
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    Pandora forgotten

    I think it was the same with NFL and Frozen in Epcot. These were OK, but they weren't that impressive for the amount of time they took to upgrade. I am waiting to see what the general public thinks of Pandoraland.
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    Pandora Flight of Passage - Can Big People Fit on the Ride?

    If you're referring to 7DMT, how can you tell the cars swing? I've never been able to feel it.
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    Banshee ride will it open on time

    I hope they can work out the kinks. It must be really frustrating to have a new attraction that overheats and has to cool down between ride cycles. That sounds pretty bad, but for all I know this could be a fairly common problem.
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    Banshee ride will it open on time

    So could the overheating be caused by the thermostats being turned up in the building?
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    Disco Shaman Watch 2017

    Sounds like a repeat of ROL. One of the things I appreciate the most about the Disney experience is the backstory that is created around an attraction. EE, HM, and JC are just a few great examples. I think it's what makes these rides classics.
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    Is there a reason why Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is so filthy?

    Maybe someone should swab the gun and see what grows in a petri dish. It would be really interesting and It might shame Disney into cleaning up their act!
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    Fourth of July celebration event at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

    Is the Marina a covered location? Isn't this the prime time for thunderstorms? It sounds like fun, but I just can't imagine having dinner outside at this time of year I think the heat would be oppressive.
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    Disco Shaman Watch 2017

    I guess the only people allowed to poke fun at WDW and the reliability of the Shaman, are the people who work there. It's sacrilege for anyone else to so! :rolleyes:
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    New Lounge Coming to Disneyland

    What about the Tiara? You have to wear a Tiara!
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    Disney cutting back summer hours?

    I completely agree. I just wish they didn't have a 180 day booking window. IMO it's unnecessary.
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    Disney cutting back summer hours?

    please show me where i said I was being censored? You are very selective in your quoting since I went on to say that I appreciated this site because I wasn't censored. Did you miss that part of my statement? I thought it was 3 based on the amount of attractions that were available.
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    Disney cutting back summer hours?

    If you are referring to what I post here, then no I don't think it will have a huge impact on Disney, but I still do think I have a right to express my opinions on this forum, despite what some members may think. It's the reason I do appreciate these boards and how they are moderated. I am not...
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    Disney cutting back summer hours?

    OK, so you don't refresh the app, but you said you keep checking your phone. I'm not saying you're wrong for doing this, but IMO it's just not worth it. But maybe that's because I visit so rarely. However, I'm going to continue to whine and rebel against FP+.
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    Disney cutting back summer hours?

    I can't imagine spending my time in a Disney park constantly refreshing/checking an app on my phone. I spend an awful lot of time, anticipating my Disney vacations. So when I am there for a relatively breif amount of time I want to be in the parks.
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    Matterhorn Reopens!

    I hope you're right, but it hasn't evened out at WDW. I just think FP shouldn't be used on a lot of attractions. It makes things worse.
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    Matterhorn Reopens!

    I guess I should've be clearer. So you would be happy with a 30 minute wait for TTA or the Teacups? Because that's what happened the last time we were at WDW. The reides that had FP+, like HM had posted waits of 30 minutes but for that we waited 40 mins. SB wait times at WDW are not very...
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    Matterhorn Reopens!

    If this happens, I guess I stop going to Disney altogether. I stopped visiting WDW when this happened. IMO, MK became a nightmare. Every SB line that had FP+ was at least 30 minutes long.
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    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    Frankly, I couldn't find any merch that I wanted to purchase. I don't know why you would characterize that as OCD? :rolleyes:
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    News Club 33 coming to Walt Disney World this Fall

    Yes it could make things worse, but isn't Universal's current ownership the reason the parks have improved so much? You have repeatedly stated that Iger is looking at the short term and pulling out as much cash as possible, and I agree. So how would that change with a company like Blackstone?
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