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  1. FigmentForver96

    Let’s all take a moment... (Positive thread)

    I don’t post threads often but I feel like today is the day. As someone who works in HR, I see the stress and worry the virus, the fear of the unknown, is putting in everyone. I also see the importance of finding reasons to smile, to see the sun and remember brighter days are ahead of us. So...
  2. FigmentForver96

    Living with the Land Holiday Overlay

    Didn’t see this posted anywhere, or maybe I’m just overlooking it, but Living with the Land has a new holiday overlay this year. Living with the Land: Merry and Bright.
  3. FigmentForver96

    White Christmas Trees

    So I have a friend who claims that Disney use to place two real trees by the castle and would paint them white with blue lights. They swear up and down it happened but I can't find a single photo online. I need help guys
  4. FigmentForver96

    Epcot 30 pin sets

    I am looking on collecting the pins from Epcot's 30th. I see the Figment set but there is also the reveal set? Are they both original sets from the event and if so where would be the best place, other then ebay, to get them? Thank you
  5. FigmentForver96

    Willy Wonka inspired dining location coming to City Walk

    The link is here: http://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/toothsome-chocolate-factory/?__source=sm.awr.ae.fj.&linkId=22247866 Edit: I should have done this to begin with, I edited the post and placed the Universal Orlando page link here instead of the other. Apologies
  6. FigmentForver96

    Trip Report Trip among friends

    So let me start by saying that I have never done a trip report before, so as far as structure goes, this is probably going to seem somewhat different. For a long time I was simply an Orlando local who visited the parks on the whim. I had a couple friends who worked within the resort (I...
  7. FigmentForver96

    March 7th-10th Crowd Levels

    Hey, so a recent Disney trip has been pushed back and we are going at the beginning of March instead of April. I am so use to being a local and popping in and I have never been during this time so what are crowds like beginning of March for those who know? Every crowd calendar (Reliable as they...
  8. FigmentForver96

    All-Star Music Resort Bus Transportation

    Hey so I have a trip coming up in April with some friends, and we are staying at the All Star Music per their request. (Why they like it so much, I am not sure). When I was a local, I would drive friends around and we would just drive from park to park. Since moving back to my home town, one of...
  9. FigmentForver96

    Crowd levels April 4th-7th

    So me and some friends are looking to head to Disney for the dates mentioned above, but wanted to know what crowd levels were going to be. When I was a local I never really gave much thought to crowds due to the ability to slip in and out when I felt like it. Now I live a few hours away I don't...
  10. FigmentForver96

    Would you sacrafice Splash Mountain for a more western theme?

    I just wanted to throw a poll out there to see what the general idea was. It is obvious that thematically the southern inspired ride like Splash Mountain is not the most appropriate fit for a land like Frontierland. Of course the ride is so popular the thematic break goes unnoticed by even the...
  11. FigmentForver96

    Main Street U.S.A: Disney Paris vs Magic Kingdom

    Who has the better Main Street USA? I personally lean towards Disney Paris myself. All of the building are more detailed and there are so many more shops. If you have been, or based off video and pictures...which did you vote for?
  12. FigmentForver96

    Poly Bungalows

    Soo was looking at staying in the new rooms, but they don't even show up on the website. Are they DVC exclusive or just booked up? Like when scrolling through resorts you can click on the Poly Villas and Bungalow tab and only the studio rooms show up.
  13. FigmentForver96

    Scary Halloween Events

    Ok so Halloween is far behind us at this point, but I was looking at some footage of Terrorific Nights at Walt Disney Studios Paris, and it made me wonder. Could Disney get away with an event like that at maybe HS? Would this cater to people seeking more scary then silliness or would this be to...
  14. FigmentForver96

    Disney Prices

    Ok so I was asking a question about the prices of the DVC rooms over at the Poly, and seeing what the regular price would be in this economy and with inflation. Take away what Disney makes them, but what the normal price would be on this market. It got me thinking about ticket prices as well as...
  15. FigmentForver96

    Epcot Illuminations Holiday Fireworks

    So am I crazy or was there a full Christmas firework show at Epcot back in the day? I could swore there was but I can't find no video? Any help?
  16. FigmentForver96

    Captain EO Replacement Challenge

    So Disney knows that Captain EO has to be replaced. The ride next door has been changed to a trackless ride staring Dreamfinder. Guest pour into the new ride but find the old show a bore. So the Despicable Me type ride system from Universal is to be used now. Your job is to make an actually...
  17. FigmentForver96

    Tokyo DisneySea Problems

    Ok so I def plan on visiting the Tokyo Resort very soon and my main priority is DisneySea. So like what is the park like for those who have been? What are the weak or cheap spots of the theme park? What are the best? Is the Little Mermaid section up to Disney standards? How are the rides? Thanks
  18. FigmentForver96

    Planned but never built

    First time posting a thread so be patient and mods move this if it is in the wrong spot. Anyway so was talking to a friend of mine yesterday I believe and we were talking about the Mine Train. He said it was meant to be longer with more show scenes and longer track. While I had heard this before...
  19. FigmentForver96

    Help Please

    Alright so currently I am still attending my senior year and will move to a local college to get a basic AA. From there I want to transfer to an online college. Haven't decided yet where but I am also tempted to join the college program. So from what I understand you get a room and...
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