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  1. djkidkaz

    Resorts allowing guests to visit?

    Anyone know if I can just pull up to a resort and eat at their quick service? This never used to be an issue if you showed a drivers liscense and said you were coming to eat or purchase something they would just let you in. But about a month ago I tried two different resorts and they were not...
  2. djkidkaz

    Disney World airstrip project?

    Chip and co is reporting that permits were filed for the airstrip on Disney property for about 30 acres. Any idea what the plan is here? Maybe getting it up and running again due to a lot of traveling between California and Florida with all the projects coming up?
  3. djkidkaz

    Pandoran problems 4.25.18

    Lots of issues at AK today. Both pandora attractions down since 3:30pm and we just watched families get evaced off Primeval Whirl. Huge line at Guest Relations which is moving ridiculously slow just making people more annoyed.
  4. djkidkaz

    Work next to Aerophile balloon?

    Didn’t get any pics but there are now walls up next to the balloon at Disney Springs. It was a pretty decent sized area in between the bridge and where you buy tickets for the balloon. Any permits filed or ideas of what is happening here?
  5. djkidkaz

    Joe Rohde in EPCOT on 9/30

    He was walking around World Showcase with another Imagineer who appeared to be explaining things to him.
  6. djkidkaz

    Rock N Rollercoaster starring Katy Perry?!

    According to TMZ, it's a possibility as part of the issues they are having with the American Idol reboot: http://m.tmz.com/#!article/2017/09/07/american-idol-judge-search-budget-restrictions-disney/
  7. djkidkaz

    Animal Kingdom & the 50th Anniversary

    So obviously we know that Epcot and Studios are getting numerous upgrades and additions over the next few years with some of that being lumped in as part of the 50th celebration enhancements. MK is getting Tron and whatever else they have yet to announce. And we have new resorts and...
  8. djkidkaz

    Blue Sky Cellar for WDW?

    With all the current plans, potential announcements, attractions, shows, transportation upgrades and MK 50th plans is there any word about us getting a blue sky cellar finally? It would seem there is no better time than now to create one.
  9. djkidkaz

    Your thoughts: Pandora better at nighttime or daytime?

    I know the evening hours have been a big selling feature of Pandora so I'm curious for people that have seen both what time of day did you prefer to be in the area?
  10. djkidkaz

    Marvel comes to Disney Springs

    So there was continued speculation that they couldn't use the name Marvel anywhere at Disney, just the characters. Hence the reason the shop on West Side was just called Super Hero Headquarters. Well it appears that wasn't accurate or something changed contractually because the shop now sports...
  11. djkidkaz

    Hollywood Studios Park Wide Changes Incoming?

    Lots of Imagineering presence here today walking through the park, measuring things, making notes. Obviously the rumor is that there is more to come but it's nice to see them out and about. I saw a large group walking up and down Sunset Blvd. Just wanted to share.
  12. djkidkaz

    Height balloons testing at WDW

    driving towards Disney springs. Sorry for the quality:
  13. djkidkaz

    Updated news on numerous Disney projects next week

    http://www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2016/4/14/disney_world_awaken_summer_preview.html?cid=rss This media event seems to indicate we'll possibly get some more news on Soarin, Frozen, SWL, Avatar, TSL and ROL. Guess we'll have to keep an eye...
  14. djkidkaz

    Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks opening Dec 12 at Animal Kingdom

    Saw this on another site. It says it's outside Everest and I'm assuming it's the old Fastpass area but that looked like it had quite a bit of construction left to be opening that soon.
  15. djkidkaz

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I recently saw Tom Fitzgerald and another Imagineer walking around Future World pointing out different locations and what appeared to be discussions about making changes. Obviously there was talk a few months ago about Epcot getting an influx of cash that had been approved by the board of...
  16. djkidkaz

    Land clearing next to Backstage Lane?

    They are wiping out a large plot of trees near this area. Is it for road infrastructure?
  17. djkidkaz

    Speculation on the SOA and LMA piece of land at Hollywood Studios

    So I think everyone would agree that there is still a plot of land where we all thought Carsland was gonna go. Steve mentioned that the plans were changed and there was still stuff unannounced. So if it's not Carsland, what would they have changed it to? Some form of Marvel? There was talk...
  18. djkidkaz

    Hollywood Studios Expansion sub forum?

    I think its finally time. :)
  19. djkidkaz

    The Shanghai Disneyland effect on our 3.5 billion

    Something I've been thinking about lately is could we end up in a similar situation to what happened to WDW when Disneyland Paris opened and bombed? If Shanghai opens and doesn't meet expectations could we end up getting our 3.5 billion slashed, similar to Eisners Disney decade? Thoughts?
  20. djkidkaz

    AK Update 07.16.2015

    These photos were taken in the last hour: Disney Outfitters expansion: Island Mercantile expansion half complete: Something looked different outside Disney Outfitters but I could be wrong: I also don't remember this huge tree to the right as your standing in front of Tree of Life...
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