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  1. J

    DVC Points Transfer Rules

    I am just a gaggle of questions and quandaries right now. Does anyone have experience the the application of points transfer rules in a given use year? I'll try to outline my specific case and question below: Our UY is September. I received transferred points from a friends DEC 2021 UY...
  2. J

    DVC Point-Borrowing Restrictions

    Does anyone have inside info on when the 50% borrowing restriction may be lifted? I have a contract with 270 shared with family members. We are pretty detailed in points-planning and this restriction after the closure has made my points a mess!
  3. J

    How Many APs per DVC Membership?

    With special events like Moonlight Magic, DVC members are able to bring a certain number of guests with them. Is there a similar rule with annual passes? Our family has a five family members with the blue DVC cards--can we buy more than 5 annual passes?
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