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  1. Rosanne


    Many have been talking here lately about how much Disney needs repairs but cant close parks to do it. Well now is the perfect time. What does everyone think about the maintenance men going out there and doing major repairs for the next few weeks? I have a feeling the parks will be closed longer...
  2. Rosanne


    What is the latest on the stroller situation? Rule requirements? Does it start today? We were at Magic Kingdom on Monday and my friend was hit from behind with a big stroller. Obviously the man pushing the stroller was focused on all the kids and not the stroller. He ran up the back of my...
  3. Rosanne

    Greetings from Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach

    I'm a long time Disney resident annual pass fan but not much liking all the new high tech you need to make reservations for dinner and fast passes. There must be a better way then having to make reservations 30 days in advance or waiting in 2 hour long lines.
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