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  1. goofyyukyuk

    SYWTBAI Season 18 Final Project Spoiler Thread

    For a spoiler filled discussion of the final project of SYWTBAI Season 18!
  2. goofyyukyuk

    What’s Happening in Innoventions?

    Hey guys! I’m currently in line to meet Baymax at Epcot in one of the old Innoventions building. Across from us is a big temporary wall apologizing for their “nano-dust” while they “reinvent San Fransokyo.” I’m attaching a picture, but I was wondering if anybody knew what was currently...
  3. goofyyukyuk

    Disney Christmas Tapings

    Hey guys, We’re in WDW this week, and we were just leaving MK when we saw a crowd of people gathered around a kind of pedestal and a few cameras. We went closer and I saw that this was taping of a segment from the Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration. I had heard that the...
  4. goofyyukyuk

    WDW with Broken Finger

    Hi All! We are about to leave on a family vacation to WDW, and a younger member of our family broke his finger yesterday. He’s concerned that he’ll miss out on some of the experiences there, and I’m trying to reassure him. Can anybody think of anything he absolutely won’t be able to do without...
  5. goofyyukyuk

    90s Epcot

    Hi all, I’m looking to learn as much as I can about Epcot in the 90s. I would appreciate any information or stories anybody would like to share! Thanks!
  6. goofyyukyuk

    Shula's vs. Yachtsman vs ...?

    Hey guys! I opened up a poll asking about which signature restaurants I should book. The consensus was Yachtsman Steakhouse, Jiko, and California Grill. However, the restaurant Shula's was a name that kept appearing throughout the thread. So I wanted to ask if you guys preferred Shula's...
  7. goofyyukyuk

    Which Signature Restaurants Should We Book?

    Hi all! My family has booked a trip, and our dining reservation window is quickly approaching. We usually do two to three signature restaurants every time we go, but I'm not sure which ones to book. We've been to about half of these, but obviously, they all sound amazing! Everybody has three...
  8. goofyyukyuk

    Disney After Hours

    The Magic Kingdom is running a special "Disney After Hours" event through part of March. However, we are going this fall and I was wondering if anybody had heard anything about another run of this event later this year.
  9. goofyyukyuk

    Food and Wine Festival 2018

    Hello all! I'm curious, does anybody know when the dates for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival for this year will be announced? The dates for the 2017 festival were announced in November of 2016, so I don't understand the delay, but I was wondering if anybody did. Thanks!
  10. goofyyukyuk

    Best Disney subscription box

    Hi! As the title says, I'm curious, what is your favorite Disney subscription box?
  11. goofyyukyuk

    December 2018 Attractions

    Hello All! My family and I are considering going to WDW sometime in December 2018, and I was wondering what upcoming attractions would be open by then.
  12. goofyyukyuk

    Favorite Forgotten, Closed, or Underrated Attractions

    I was just thinking about all of the popular Disney World icons, and I was wondering, what are some of your favorite underrated attractions and what are your favorite forgotten attractions that have closed?
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