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    'Ohana For Two - No Can Do at Day 185 or Day 186

    Good Morning, Well, this morning I tried to make a reservation at 'Ohana at both the 185 and 186 day marks. I tried the entire time spectrum from 3:30 to 10:00 PM each night and there is no reservation available for 2 people at all. Nothing...nada...at the "180 + 5" or the "180 + 6" day points...
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    My Pending ADR Issues

    Good evening folks, I am coming up on the 180-day milestone for our trip in September so I am planning for ADRs. I have been looking in MDE and just wanted to please ask if others may have encountered these issues: 1) The "Fantasmic! Dessert & VIP Viewing Experience" specifically says "Advance...
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    How Helpful is Premium Parking?

    Good Evening, We are leaving for Disney in 8 days and I was wondering if anyone can please comment IRT paying for premium parking at the parks. This is NOT a thread about the cost and/or value of premium parking. This also does not include Magic Kingdom due to the TTC. What I would like to...
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    Will Disney Resorts provide an room Oxygen Concentrator

    Good Evening, My wife has sleep apnea and uses a bedside CPAP and Oxygen Concentrator at night. She heard from her Oxygen vendor that some nicer hotels provide an oxygen concentrator to guest who need one. Does anyone know if Disney does this at their resorts? Thanks.
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    Impact of Credit Card Fraud Alert on Disney Reservations

    Evening folks, Just wondering if anyone out there may have any experience or knowledge here they can share with me. I just got a fraud alert on my credit card for unapproved charges. Bank says they will cancel charges and issue me a new card. However, every requirement for a credit card...
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    MDE Reservation Deficiency

    Well, I finally have all my reservations made for our upcoming trip in December (except Fastpasses) and I enjoy going into MDE to look at all my reservations. However, while I have what appear to be standard Disney Confirmation Numbers for everything, I cannot see the following confirmed and...
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    Earl of Sandwich Lunch

    Just a quick question about hours. I know someone here can answer this. I see the hours they are open and the menu says "Breakfast served until 11:00 AM". But when does lunch start? So if you show up at 10:30 then all you can get is breakfast or can you order a sandwich? Thanks.
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    Highway In the Sky Dine Around Reservations now available through Dec 2018

    Just FYSA if anyone may be interested.... I made my 180-day ADRs yesterday but the Highway In The Sky Dine Around was not available and was only showing availability through October 2018. I even asked a cast member during a phone call yesterday and she also told me it was not showing available...
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    My ADR Results

    Good Evening all. Well...after the doom and gloom I sometimes read on this forum regarding ADRs I was up and atom at 0500 this morning ready to do cyber warfare at my 180-day point. I was clicking away at 0545 AM and 1 December finally came up on the calendar along with the rest of my 7-day...
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    Getting kicked out of Disney for cutting in line...doubt it will ever happen!

    I had to write about this one. I just saw an article on MSN under the travel section titled "17 Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of Disney Parks". I cannot stop laughing about number 13 of 17 as copied in below. Oh the many times I have stood in lines while people walk through the line...
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    WDW Vacation Booklets

    Looked for it...could not find it...but I recall there was a thread here awhile back talking about Disney Vacation Booklets and how they were told that Disney was "going green" and was no longer sending out paper booklets. I could not find the thread so not positive this is the same thing they...
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    China's Richest Man Wants to Crush Disney

    Anybody seen this? I did not see it posted yet. Just News. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/chinas-richest-man-has-a-dollar9-billion-plan-to-crush-disney/ar-BBw6fwO?li=BBnbfcN
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    Recent Park Hours Change

    I looked and did not see a thread on this. Sorry if I missed it. I looked on My Disney this morning and had a message from Disney about a Fastpass change they had made to my itinerary. I looked into why and found that Magic Kingdom park hours for Monday, 12 September 2016 had changed from 10:00...
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    Sea Raycer Coupon

    Times in the past when I have stayed at Disney deluxe resorts (albeit the last time was back in 2010), I always got a coupon that was good for an extra 30 minutes free if you rented a Sea Raycer boat for an hour (so you could keep it out for 1.5 hours). Does anyone know if this is still...
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    Greetings from Starship Disney

    Hello if anyone reads, I guess this is the typical first post. I recently retired so I may become a more frequent visitor to this site. I am a typical Disney nut. Maybe not to the degree of some...but I do have a "Disney Room" in our home. I am sure that many here have much more than I do. I...
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