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    News Walt Disney World holidays 2021

    Anyone heard anything about Jingle Bam?
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    Dinoland replacement.

    Why the decision alter the location of the land from the US to South America? Indiana Jones is a great parks property, but not in DAK. I would love to see ideas for more dinosaur and/or American animals to flesh out this land, but I agree about keeping dinosaur.
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    ^Agreed. I like the Nemo Musical, but it's proximity to Chester and Hester's is too good of an opportunity to pass up.
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    News Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom closing Jan 24th 2021

    This is a shame. While it certainly was not a headliner, it was a fun enjoyable experience to round out a hectic day at Magic Kingdom. Interactive experiences like these can help the immersion factor of new expansions as they bring people into the Magic. It will be missed.
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    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    This is a situation where it feels like the internet and the lack of understanding of text vs. in-person communication is strong. Splash Mountain is one of my favorite Disney rides, but my enjoyment of it really has very little to do with the Brer Characters. It's a well realized attraction with...
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    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    If we're not getting something new, I think Paint the night is a fine parade. I'm not sure I believe the rumor about Mack not fitting, DLR's route is generally more narrow. The two spots that I can think of can be easily modified with one night of concrete work if need be. As for the Frozen...
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    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    There are plenty of things WDW needs to maintain its status as a top vacation destination. The single most important is a nighttime parade at Magic Kingdom on the same scale as Tokyo’s Dreamlights.
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    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

    I understand that initial reaction, but I don’t understand what these characters have to do with Halloween. I understand the different themed land approach and I’m excited to hear the Tomorrowland loop on the parade route for once. But that theme is really arbitrary. I would have gone a...
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    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

    By that logic just cut Mickey, Pirates, and Mansion units cause you can see them elsewhere. Just an observation haha.
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    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

    This is a fine looking addition but I don’t understand why Monsters Inc, Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Coco haven’t made it into the parade.
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    Anywhere to Meet Moana in Disney World?

    Moana is not currently available for scheduled meet and greets. She was in one mans dream when the movie first came out, and she was at the parties but that’s it.
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    New Fireworks for MNSSHP and MVMCP 2019

    Heard this song before. Not saying it's wrong, just that I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Does anyone else miss SpectroMagic -- especially the theme music at night in the MK?

    Yes. My hope is that whenever we get a new night parade it pays homage to this.
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    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2018

    Jingle Cruise is happening, it’s already up and running. Other new additions include the Storybook circus Disney jr dance party, and the a new singing group replacing the old singing group in Tomorrowland.
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    Flight of Passage Changes

    Both of these things are due to timing. The poster above explained the pre-show room timing and the vibration will be skipped if yours is the last set of seats to be cleared by the operator, so the ride can begin immediately.
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    News Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2018

    No Bowler Hat Guy, in fact they're removing a villain, but there are a few small character changes.
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    What do you do

    Sorcerers is one of the only things seperate from the rest of the system. There’s no reason why you couldn’t get another band.
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