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    Lost Continent's Lost Ambitions

    Retheme this area to Greece. Keep Poseidon and Mythos as they are, put a Troyan themed spinner in a corner and use the Simbad theatre for a Mamma Mia! live show or a Olympic Games themed comedy show or a Greek God stunt show. Cheap temporal makeover while they find something better to put in...
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    More likely Dave Bautista is in his "jennifer lawrence" era of not wanting to go trough makeup.
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    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    I'm so looking for this. Anything is better than an ugly plaza and an empty and ugly building left to rot. But hey, is so fun to watch desperate old-Epcto fanboys still triyng to find ways to defend they way it was lmao
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    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    Love all the character interaction there is in Avengers Campus, Disney World wishes to have something like this.
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    It's really hard for me to understand how a kids ride about a cooking rat that replaced a parking lot has y'all so mad and angry.
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I really don't undestand what you guys want them to do with EPCOT. The original concept of EPCOT doesn't work in a world with internet. Video killed the radio star and knowledge killed the original concept. There's nothing Disney can do about it. Is like crying about the closures of...
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    If you could add a ViacomCBS IP to the Universal parks what would it be?

    Change the FearFactor show to Survivor or The Challenge, more relevant IPs these days.
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    3rd Gate at DLP

    An indoor waterpark! I would kill for that
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    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    The waltz-dancing final scene looks empty. They should have Animatronics of Maurice and other characters (idk, the Closet for example) so it doesn't feel that poor. Everything else is amazing. Although a pre-show scene with the "Belle" song would be welcomed.
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    Epcot Overhaul Phase 2?

    I'm pretty sure at this point all the "Phase 2" of anything are on hold.
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    Best Hollywood Studios Attraction added to the park

    If they close Dinoland in AK, they could move Triceratops spin to Toy Story Land, give it a more blue-ish coat of paint so it resembles the character and re-name it "Trixieceratops Spin"....
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    Disney Olympus of Imagination.

    Third area of the park. In paper, a similar look to an existing Disneyland area... welcome everyone to... EXPEDITION ADVENTURE Map legend: Ride/attraction/Experience - Entertainment - Store - Food - Facilities - Meet & Greet Similar to Adventureland in other parks, Expedition Adventure is a...
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    Disneyland Paris Expansion Project -- Blue Sky Imagineering

    Great Arendelle land. I hope they would do something on this route in the park in real life, I hate that they are doing a whole area for a lone ride....
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    1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

    CHIMNEY CLEANING AERIAL SPECTACULAR Based on the 1964 movie Mary Poppins, gatther around the Emporium to enjoy the showstoping performance of this hanging chimney sweapers, as they rappel down the stores fachade in an show that combines acrobatics, dance and music.
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    Disney Olympus of Imagination.

    Thank you so much. I'm not the most artsy person, I do what I can with Paint. I think tomorrow I would update with the next land...
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    Disneyland Paris Expansion Project -- Blue Sky Imagineering

    I'd love Toy Story Mania in Paris, but I think Woody’s Roundup and Alien Swirling Saucer are too similar to be together in the same land.
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    Disney Olympus of Imagination.

    Let's start with the second area of the park. ANCIENT GREECE Map legend: Ride/attraction/Experience - Entertainment - Store - Food - Facilities - Meet & Greet The central area of the park is going to be themed to teh Ancient Greece. Being in an "Olympic themed resort", this was an obvious...
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    New Imagineer Introduction Thread

    Hello!! Long time lurker from Spain, I finally decided to join!
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    Disney Olympus of Imagination.

    DISNEY OLYMPUS OF IMAGINATION. This is a cenital plane showing how the park would be divided. The map shows 9 lands. However, I haven't decided yet completely. As you can see, Land #5 and #6 are close, and with #6 being a small one, it can be easily joined with, and Land #9 is an extenction...
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    Disney Olympus of Imagination.

    Hello everyone. I present you my project. Welcome to the newest Disney themed resort. Disney Olympic Resort is the continuation of a project I had done time ago. It's the collaboration between three of my bigest pasions, Olympic Sports, Disney and Theme Parks. I'm going to explain what i've...
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