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  1. sbkline

    Cinderella's Royal Table supper

    Does Cinderella's Royal Table still have a full character experience for supper, or is that only for Breakfast?
  2. sbkline

    CandleLight Processional

    I was checking at Allear.net for info on the Candlelight processional and they still have 2016 info up. When do they release info for 2017?
  3. sbkline

    What movie was it???

    Every time we go through the Great Movie Ride and see the John Wayne scene, I wonder what movie that is from. I can't remember everything he says in that scene, but he says something about "I ain't fixin to get myself shot" or something like that. In the latest issue of "Celebrations", it says...
  4. sbkline

    Crowds last week of November

    We are planning a 5 night visit right after Thanksgiving this year. Arriving Sunday November 26 and leaving Friday December 1. When we go in the spring, I like to do 12 nights, but this is just a shorter trip to be able to see the Christmas stuff. But I was just curious how the crowds should...
  5. sbkline

    Animal Kingdom after dark?

    We are going in Mid March and I have a day set aside to do Animal Kingdom at night. I have an ADR for Tusker House as well. However, less than two months out, I am seeing that the March schedule for Animal Kingdom has the park only open until 7 PM when we are there. Would it be a good bet to...
  6. sbkline

    Fastpass Question

    I just made my fastpasses today and I just had a couple quick questions. I used the "My Disney Experience" App and it would not let me make fastpasses for more than one park per day. There are some days where I plan to park hop, and where I only made two fastpasses for the first park that we...
  7. sbkline

    Animal kingdom at night?

    We are going in March and I planned for an evening at Animal kingdom since they are now open at night. But I was looking at the march hours recently and the park closes at 6 PM every night in March. Is the extended hours something they are only doing in the summer or are they simply doing away...
  8. sbkline

    Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    What days do they offer Mickey's Backyard BBQ?
  9. sbkline

    Jedi training

    Do we have to have the children present to sign them up for Jedi training? If we aren't going to be at the park until afternoon, can I just run in there real quick in the morning by myself to sign up the kids while everyone else is still back at the room?
  10. sbkline

    Liberty Tree Tavern

    We ate supper at LTT in 2008 when it was still a character meal. Shortly thereafter, they discontinued character dining there. However, I recently purchased the 2016 edition of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. When it goes through the alphabetical list of restaraunts, it describes...
  11. sbkline

    When are my fastpasses?

    We are at WDW right now and are mostly done with the trip. Our last two theme park days are tommorrow and Tuesday and we go home Wednesdsay. All weekend, I have been unable to access the My Disney Experience app, so I don't remember when my fastpasses are. Hopefully I will be able to get back...
  12. sbkline

    Only 7 Days of Fastpasses???

    We are going for 10 nights, from checking in May 24 and checking out and leaving on June 3. We have 7 day basic tickets, plus possibly going into the parks after supper on our two "non-park" days. For those two days, I made fastpasses for the parks we would probably go to, but then when I got...
  13. sbkline

    Star Wars Rebels at DHS

    This is our first trip to WDW during Star Wars weekends, and as I was doing my FP+ this morning for May 29, I made a FP for a Star Wars Rebels event. My son is into that show and I have actually taken an interest as well. But since I have never been during SWW before, I was wondering if...
  14. sbkline

    Disney Junior at DHS

    It has been two years since our last trip to WDW. Just curious which shows are now represented at Disney Junior Live on Stage, and which characters appear at the Playhouse Junior character breakfast at Hollywood & Vine. Last time we were there, I think it was two of the Einsteins, Oso and...
  15. sbkline

    FP+ questions for Memorial Day week

    We leave for WDW 26 days from today. Our first Park will be Epcot, on Memorial Day itself, Monday the 25th. We usually go in April and the last time we went was two years ago, before this FP+ system was rolled out. So I am not accustomed to being there on Memorial Day, nor do I have any...
  16. sbkline

    Lego Store

    My son is currently in love with Legos and I keep telling him that we can get some Legos at the Lego Store at DTD, or apparently Disney Springs if that is what it is officially called now. But just to make sure there are no surprises, is the Lego Store open, and expected to remain open? We are...
  17. sbkline

    Fast Pass and rider swap

    We will be going next month with our (then) 9 month old baby as well as our two other children. We have never done the rider swap before and are curious how it works. Can we do it with our fastpasses? If, say, I make our fastpass+ reservations (we are staying offsite, so we haven't done FP+...
  18. sbkline

    rides that used to not be fastpass

    We are a little more than 80 days out, but I was looking at the My Disney Experience app on my phone and was checking fastpass availability for 30 days out just to get an idea of what to expect when I get to the 30 day mark. I notice that FP+ is available for several rides that used to not be...
  19. sbkline

    Tickets to Magic Bands

    We are staying offsite from May 24-June 3. I ordered our tickets last week, along with memory maker, and they came in the mail a couple days ago. I just got the cards, not magic bands. But if I decide that we need magic bands, to I just need to present all of the cards at a ticket booth...
  20. sbkline

    Park closures in May or June?

    We are arriving in Kissimmee on Sunday, May 24, staying through Wednesday, June 3. Our first day in the parks will be Monday, May 25 which is Memorial Day. I had never thought of this before until just now as I was reading an article on WDW planning tips and it mentioned the possibility of...
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