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  1. raymusiccity

    Not quite a pin !

    We were given these by a cast member awhile ago. She said they were made from melted down pieces of defunct parades, they were not for sale, and were only meant to be given out to cheer guests up! Does anyone know if that's in any way true, or if they still hand these out?
  2. raymusiccity

    What's your favorite WDW Resort merchandise location?

    It was recently posted that Panchitos, at Coronado Springs, was the largest store at any Resort. So, I was wondering what everyone's favorite gift shop might be? I'd cast my vote for the old fashioned 'mercantile' gift shop at Dixie Landings, (Oops! I'm sorry), Port Orleans Riverside. :)
  3. raymusiccity

    Magic Kingdom ranks as 2nd most favorite amusement park in the U.S. !

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/theme-parks/2018/07/25/tripadvisor-travelers-choice-awards-theme-parks/828781002/ TripAdvisor, the travel planning and booking site, recently announced its 2018 Travelers’ Choice Award winners for amusement parks across the country...
  4. raymusiccity

    Aulani cutting Starli Hui !?

    Not sure where to post this, but, it looks like a drastic reduction is being made at Disney's Aulani DVC. Disney's website just announced a new Luau experience to 'celebrate' Aulani's 5th Anniversary. But then on Aulani's website there is no mention of their free Starlit Hui show. It's a...
  5. raymusiccity

    The end of Disney Infinity !

    I was surprised that this gaming system has failed so quickly. It seems that every game section had new characters being regularly introduced. The quality of each seemed several notches above the competition. Sorry to see it go. The Walt Disney Company has released a statement saying that...
  6. raymusiccity

    Disney acquires MIT !

    CAMBRIDGE, MA, Apr. 1, 2016-- The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) today announced the signing of an agreement whereby Disney will acquire MIT, a coeducational university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This unprecedented acquisition of a...
  7. raymusiccity

    Is Atlantis going to be Aulani's new neighbor?!

    Atlantis to Build a Resort in Ko'Olina? Just saw this article on another forum about Aulani. It would be an interesting addition to Ko'Olina if it does indeed come to fruition: "Atlantis Resorts, a global luxury resort brand that specializes in “entertainment destination resorts,” is likely...
  8. raymusiccity

    Most elusive photo

    I think that the most interesting and elusive photos are the ones from the early days. We forget how much the Magic Kingdom has literally grown up before our very eyes. I really like this photo that almost defies reality of how bare the views really were when the park first opened. I've...
  9. raymusiccity

    Universal's Sapphire Falls looks awfully familiar!

    I just saw the above artist concept of Universal Studios on-site hotel,Sapphire Falls. Maybe it's just my first impression, but, I was immediately reminded of Aulani's grand entrance, as well as obvious design elements from Disney's Polynesian Village. I guess imitation is a sincere form of...
  10. raymusiccity

    It WAS the soap!

    Not a big deal, but, I still miss the special little touches that reminded you that you were staying someplace special. Over the years the soap that greeted you in your Disney Resort had a cheery face of Mickey on the boxes of soap. Mickey's likeness was even 'sculpted' into each hefty bar...
  11. raymusiccity

    Pizza Delivery

    We'll be staying at Bay Lake Tower next month and have heard about the 'scam' notices placed under your door for pizza delivery. Does anyone have a reliable pizza delivery service to recommend? It would also be a big help if they offer 'gluten free' pizza as well. We have someone in our...
  12. raymusiccity

    Mickey Waffles

    We'll be staying at BLT in early October. Our 6 yr. old grandson remembers that one of his favorite things to have on our trip are the Mickey Waffles. We've scheduled Chef Mickeys for breakfast late in our trip. But, Is there a list of locations where we can take him for breakfast, besides...
  13. raymusiccity

    Planning Aulani trip Summer 2015

    We'd like to visit Aulani around the 4th of July weekend, but, our home is BLT. Has anyone just returned from this years 4th of July week with any idea if it was sold out? We're hoping for a 2BR, but, have to wait until the 7 month window. If there's no hope, we'll just make other plans...
  14. raymusiccity

    Aulani 'completion' date Oct. 19 ?

    "Celebrating the Second Anniversary of Aulani with a Look at Resort Expansion, to be Complete October 19 WRITTEN BY DISNEY_PARKS_BLOG ON AUGUST 30, 2013. POSTED IN DISNEY Aloha! Today is our second anniversary here at Aulani, a Disney Resort Spa. It’s a beautiful day here in our Hawaiian...
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