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  1. Elfinko

    Pop Century Notes (4/15 thru 4/22). The Good and the Not so Bad.

    We had our 2nd stay at Pop this last week. Two years ago we stayed in the older style rooms and had a pretty amazing vacation. This stay was in the newly refurbished rooms and was...rougher...but still pretty good. Just some notes. Overall a very nice stay. Some of this is just nit-picky stuff...
  2. Elfinko

    Model of TVs in renovated Pop Century rooms?

    Does anyone know the model number of the TV's in the newly renovated Pop Century rooms? I'm wondering if they work with the Samsung Galaxy smart view mode.
  3. Elfinko

    Prime & Fixed ?

    I bought a 35mm f/1.8 Prime lens with my Sony A6000 which I love. I'm looking for something in the 50mm variety and f/1.8 now. I thought a lense was 'prime' if it was a fixed focal length, but I see the 50mm I'm looking at isn't called a Prime lense, but it's not a zoom lense either. Am I...
  4. Elfinko

    Test track in April

    Trying to get Fastpass for Test Track on 4/17, but not seeing any times for this day at all. Is there scheduled maintenance?
  5. Elfinko

    Magic Kingdom closing early 4/17 ?

    I was trying to setup dinner reservations and could get none for this day. My travel agent said Magic Kingdom is only open until 6PM on 4/17. Any reason why?
  6. Elfinko

    Hi from Pennsylvania!

    Our family of 3 has been to WDW twice. We plan on driving down from P.A. April 2018 for our 3rd trip. I've never driven to Disney...should be interesting!
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