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    Transport from LAX to Anaheim

    Has anyone used primetimeshuttle.com? We used to use SuperShuttle but they closed during the pandemic. Someone suggested primetimeshuttle, but I haven't used it yet. Im curious if anyone has ever used them.
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    Guide to DLR for WDW Veterans!

    How about Genie+? Has anyone used it at Disneyland? Is it worth it?
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    Breaking Points

    I'm close to the breaking point. Were giving it another chance; 7 trips to Disneyland, 21 visits to WDW. If we don't like it, we don't go back. Plenty of other places we can spend our vacation money on. My wife and I both had well paying jobs, and we don't have children.We are in the position to...
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    Massive Kissimmee hotel fire - smoke very visible from WDW property

    Reminds me of the motel in "The Florida Project".
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    "it'a a small world" memories

    Rode it once in 1964 at the World's Fair, and once again in 1965. On my first visit to Disneyland in 1977, I was struck with the feeling of deja vu. My childhood memories of the World's Fair came rushing back to me. When I got off the ride I had to find a pay-phone to call my dad back in New...
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    When would you return to Disneyland?

    From Long Island N.Y., to Anaheim requires a lot of travel involving a lot of airports, planes, Ubers, hotels etc.. Not worth it now. I'll wait.
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    When would you return to Disneyland?

    I'll be fully vaccinated by the end of April, but I'm in no rush to deal with crowds. I'll see you in 2022! Let's put this pandemic behind us so we can enjoy our lives again. I can't wait to hang out with my family and friends, but you won't see me in airports, planes, hotels, theme parks, etc...
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    Giving up on Pop Century

    I didn't know about price increases and reduction of bus service! With Covid we haven't been thinking about WDW too much, therefore I'm not up on all the changes. We have been there 19 times, and always stay on Disney Property. Coronado, Boardwalk, Caribbean Beach, and All the All-Stars, but...
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    2022 Family WDW TRIP Planning

    Smart move! Waiting until 2022 when hopefully everything will be back to normal, and plenty of new rides open. I'll see you there. Thats about the time we plan on going back. Good thinking on your part! If the world is back to somewhat normal by Spring of 2021, that will be the time to start...
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    Who knows about the so called American Flags on Main Street USA, I do!

    They are not considered flags. They are considered 'banners'.
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    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    I wouldn't DREAM of going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World until a vaccine or proven therapeutics are available for Covid-19. And I hope Disney doesn't open the parks before that time.
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    Official Disneyland Resort and good neighbor hotels reviews

    Don't remember the exact price but I can tell you it wasn't cheap. There was a big convention in town and hotel rooms were hard to find.
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    Official Disneyland Resort and good neighbor hotels reviews

    We stayed at Camelot Inn last year. Good, clean, basic hotel room. No frills, nothing fancy. But that's all we need. We spend all of our time across the street at the park!
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    Gumbo at Blue Bayou

    The Pizza Press on Harbor Blvd is really good.
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    DLR Picture of the Day

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