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  1. crxbrett

    Park hours/restaurant hours conflicting on DW site

    Just noticed this while trying to move around some ADRs in early Sep, but the restaurant hours for the DHS locations are listed as 9 or 9:30p, depending on which day you look. But then the park hours for the Studios are only listed as being til 8:30 or 9p. I thought this was odd, but maybe it's...
  2. crxbrett

    Split stay/multiple passes question

    I searched through the forums for quite a bit, but could not find any threads. So I apologize if this has been posted numerous times before. Hope this isn't too confusing. So I am going to DW for 14 days in Sep. I have a split stay, so my first 6 nights are at the AKL and the remaining 7 nights...
  3. crxbrett

    Voice narration on Wilderness Lodge ferry boats

    Couldn't find any info on this so decided to post a new topic. I was watching my WDW videos from last summer today and while watching it I had forgotten about something. The voice of the safety spiel narration on the Wilderness Lodge ferry boats to and from the MK was none other than Robert...
  4. crxbrett

    Kona Cafe - Kona Eggs Benedict gone, Samoan back??

    Hi all, So my SO and I were checking out all the menus for the restaurants we made reservations for this upcoming trip and noticed the Kona Cafe removed the fairly new Kona Eggs Benedict and brought back the Samoan. My SO was pretty upset as this was one of her fav things we ate on our last...
  5. crxbrett

    Poly standard rooms already booked for Sep '18??

    So I had a trip for WDW in my shopping cart ready to book for the last three weeks. Essentially I was going to do 3 nights at the AKL and then 8 at the Poly for next Sep 6-17th (both standard rooms). To make a complicated and long story short, I couldn't book the trip yet because my GF's profile...
  6. crxbrett

    Jiko reserv. at 21:55. When should I leave AK?

    So I have an ADR for Jiko at 21:55 (9:55p) and will be at the AK that night. It's been 9 years since my last trip, so I'm not sure just how efficient or inefficient the buses have become since then. Right now, I am planning on leaving the AK at 9pm to head over to the AKL. My question is do you...
  7. crxbrett

    DDP - tips

    I haven't been to The World in so long that I forgot how the DDP works. Or it's possible things have changed since I last visited. How do tips work while using it? I thought I added tips to my credit card last time. Obviously cash works, too. Can you leave tips using the Magicband or charging...
  8. crxbrett

    Fantasmic! - standing section

    So I tried to find a thread regarding this and couldn't find an actual firm answer. I am planning on seeing Fantasmic one night at the Studios. My GF and I were thinking we would just do standing room area since we don't mind standing at all. But we also would like to get on TOT right before the...
  9. crxbrett

    Is it possible to stay at 3 resorts on one single trip?

    So I am already planning my trip to WDW for next summer and have a question. Has anyone ever done 3 different resorts on one trip? And did you find it fun or was it too much of a hassle and not worth the trouble? I was contemplating doing the AKL the first 3 nights, the Swan or Dolphin for...
  10. crxbrett

    Magical Express question

    I am using the Magical Express service for the first time this year. I have a very simple yet important question. When I get to the airport I am flying from to WDW, do I just check my luggage as I normally would? (And of course, with the bright, yellow DME tags on my luggage) This is the only...
  11. crxbrett

    Incoming/Outgoing mail

    I have stayed at the Poly in the past everytime I have visited WDW and have a question that has never come up until now. Can you receive or send out packages from the hotel? My friend wants to send me something while I am staying at the hotel and then have me send it along to his friend from the...
  12. crxbrett

    Adventureland Veranda

    Just wondering if anybody else misses the Adventureland Veranda that use to be located just after you entered Adventureland's bridge on the right side? I remember eating a teriyaki burger everyday for lunch or dinner whenever I visited WDW! Mmmmmm....and the teriyaki beef sandwich was good, too...
  13. crxbrett

    Sony DCR-HC46 or HC96

    Hello folks, :wave: Okay, here is my interesting dilemma. I am going to be going to WDW (yeehaww!) very soon and I want to purchase a MiniDV camcorder (the Sony DCR-HC series in particular). Here's my problem-I do not know if I should get the DCR-HC46 or the HC96. Now I know the obvious...
  14. crxbrett

    POTC music in queue area

    Just wondering, does anybody have audio or audio from a video tape or DV of the queue are music in POTC? Complete? My brother and I used to actually just stand by the speakers and videotape to get the bgm loops from rides and we never did it for POTC. Thanks.
  15. crxbrett

    Can't download or open files

    I can log in fine. But if I want to try and download a file it says my username and password aren't accepted.
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