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  1. Gitson Shiggles

    Sound-Absorbing Walls

    Which resorts have the walls with the best sound-absorbing quality? 😉
  2. Gitson Shiggles

    Largest attendance @ DHS in 5 years

    Overheard that Sunday, Nov. 24 was the highest attendance for DHS in five years.
  3. Gitson Shiggles

    Full screen not being utilized on some mobile devices while using app.

    This can’t be high on the priority list, but is there an update for the app on the horizon? Specifically, I’m looking for the app to fill my screen. I use the app so much, the OLED screen on my phone has burn in (not kidding). Using Safari on iOS (iPhone XS Max): Using app:
  4. Gitson Shiggles

    Best (clean) beach near DLR where I can stick my feet in the water?

    I’m not looking to spend a bunch time there, and I don’t plan to swim.
  5. Gitson Shiggles

    Pining for the days of Eisner

    Why do I find myself thinking Eisner was better for the parks than Iger as time passes? I somewhat remember Roy E.’s campaign to oust him, and I recall supporting that effort. But now I miss Uncle Mike. What’s the deal?
  6. Gitson Shiggles

    Body found in home of missing Mouseketeer Dennis Day

  7. Gitson Shiggles

    How does the Shell on Vineland stay in business?

    $5.99/gal for regular. More than twice the price on Disney property.
  8. Gitson Shiggles

    H2O Glow not showing up in MDE

    Tickets were purchased several days ago, yet still not showing up in MDE. Is this normal?
  9. Gitson Shiggles

    Nondescript CEO makes $65.6 million

  10. Gitson Shiggles

    Spaceship Earth closed today

    Spaceship Earth is closed today. CM didn’t know the reason. FP are being honored anywhere except tier 1 attractions.
  11. Gitson Shiggles

    Tables in Wonderland + charging to room?

    Is it possible to charge a meal, with the TiW discount applied, to my room?
  12. Gitson Shiggles

    Illuminations viewing on 12/30

    I have 9 PM reservations for La Hacienda de San Angel on 12/30. Illuminations are scheduled at 10:30 PM. Will I be able to watch from the restaurant at that time, or will the place be cleared out?
  13. Gitson Shiggles

    Best backpack for WDW?

    Looking for a decent backpack recommendation. Padded straps a must. Currently entertaining the Osprey Daylite.
  14. Gitson Shiggles

    Rock n Rollercoaster overlay

    This is an idea for an overlay of RnR, including seasonal. Almost all Aerosmith signage and memorabilia will be removed. The name of the attraction will be Rock n Rollercoaster: Backstage Pass. The queue will mostly remain the same. The preshow will be without a band. Only a manager will be...
  15. Gitson Shiggles

    Has Saint Jobs left a present for anyone yet?

    Applemas! Applekah! Whatever you want to call it, it’s a wonderful day!
  16. Gitson Shiggles

    iOS app crashing

    iPhone 6s Plus iOS 12.0 The WDWMAGIC iOS app sometimes crashes upon opening. I think I have isolated the problem to closing out of YouTube somehow, and then opening WDWMAGIC right away, but I haven’t yet been able to intentionally recreate the crash.
  17. Gitson Shiggles

    RIP Stefan Karl Stefansson

  18. Gitson Shiggles

    Protest planned for WDW (presumably)

    The thread to make comments that are political in nature: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/protest-announced-for-disney-politics-and-social-issues.944130/ The only reason I’m posting this in News is because of the impacts this announced protest may have on park/Disney Springs operations...
  19. Gitson Shiggles

    Rumor The Chew will not be taping at 2018 F&W

    The Chew is being replaced by another hour of GMA. The remaining shows will air until September. Is it a safe bet to assume the show will not be taping at the 2018 F&W? http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/good-morning-america-abc-third-hour-1202820003/
  20. Gitson Shiggles

    James Cameron hopes for Avenger fatigue

    Wonder what Iger thinks of this statement? As it appears that this chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming to an end with “Avengers: Infinity War,” sci-fi aficionado James Cameron says that’s probably for the best. The man behind legendary sci-fi franchises such as “Terminator” and...
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