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  1. RobidaFlats

    Looking to Crowd Source Some Data Collection

    I am trying to put together a chart that shows the Theoretical Hourly Capacity of the Magic Kingdom over the years. Obviously this would be unofficial estimates with low accuracy, but I think it would be interesting. I have done a decent amount of digging, but I'm starting to hit a wall. I...
  2. RobidaFlats

    The "Technology Moves Too Fast" Argument

    I have read many times over the years (and extremely frequently of late) that technological advancement moves at a pace too fast for the original concept of Future World to work. I would like to present a rebuttal. Disclaimer: At no point will I argue that Future World could have been kept...
  3. RobidaFlats

    A Theory as to What Disney is "Missing" These Days

    To a fair number of people on these forums and elsewhere, Walt Disney World has lost some of the glory that it had in the decade or so after the opening of EPCOT Center. If you don't buy into that premise, no problem, I'm not here to argue its merits, so feel free to pass on this post as it...
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