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  1. SteveAZee

    History of all WDW Attractions

    Hi, Is anyone aware of a spreadsheet (or similar) that shows the opening and closing dates (year, month, day) of all of the WDW attractions since 1971? It certainly seems the information is out there, and could be tediously gathered from Wikipedia and other sources, but has someone already...
  2. SteveAZee

    Corn Dogs?

    A member of my group would like to know if there are corn dogs anywhere on property, and if there's more than one place, which ones are the best? Don't judge. ;)
  3. SteveAZee

    Can anyone in the party add/modify FP+ for everyone else?

    I tried Googling this as well as looking at this forum, but couldn't find the answer. I've got a party of 5 people and I plan on making all of the initial FP+ reservations, but I was wondering if any of the other four can modify/add FP+ reservations as well. I'm mostly interested in offloading...
  4. SteveAZee

    Mama Melrose refurb?

    I've been trying to book a reservation at Mama's for our trip at the end of October. I select what appear to be active dates from the MDE website, but it says that there are zero reservations available on any date after October 15th when I click through to pick a time. Is it me, is it a glitch...
  5. SteveAZee

    Park Hopping without Park Hoppers

    If I buy, let's say, a 10 day Magic Your Way pass, can I use one two days worth of the pass to visit two separate parks on the same day? I was looking at pricing and it seems like there might be some price advantage to doing this. Anyone know for sure?
  6. SteveAZee

    Master List of Starting/Completion Dates for New Attractions/Lands?

    Is anyone keeping a list of estimated start/completion dates for all the various projects/development going on at WDW? I ask because I'd like to see if there's a spot in the next few years where most new things are done and there's a relative lull in activity and a bunch of shiny new attractions...
  7. SteveAZee

    Best Wrist for Magicband

    Left or right? Does it matter?
  8. SteveAZee

    Return Time for ADR's

    I did a search and couldn't find an answer for this (official or otherwise)... but what is the window for dining reservations... assuming I have a 6pm dinner reservation, how early (or late) can I arrive and still have the reservation honored? I assume that if the restaurant isn't busy, they'd...
  9. SteveAZee

    Decent Supermarkets off Property

    I'm looking for opinions on the local supermarkets close to Disney property. I'll be staying at Old Key West, and in the past have avoided Goodings (too expensive) and have gone south to the Publix where 535 and Irlo Bronson meet (also conveniently located near a Krispy Kreme :)). I wondered...
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