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  1. Christian Fronckowiak

    Do you still buy Disney movies?

    Just wondering whether or not people still buy Disney movies as the conversion to 4K coincides with the arrival of Disney+ in the modern streaming era. Your thoughts?
  2. Christian Fronckowiak

    Future Star Wars Story movies put on hold thanks to SOLO

    According to Inside the Magic: https://insidethemagic.net/2018/06/star-wars-standalone-spinoff-movies-reportedly-put-on-hold-by-lucasfilm/?utm_content=buffer5556a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  3. Christian Fronckowiak

    Do you think Disney will make video games again?

    Is there any factual evidence that The Walt Disney Company is looking into going back to making video games again, or is the future all about licensing ala Star Wars Battlefront, the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts 3? Would love to hear your thoughts and any rumblings out there.
  4. Christian Fronckowiak

    Battle of the Network Stars returns to ABC!

    Battle of the Network Stars premiered tonight. TV Kids vs TV Sitcoms Sitcoms won.
  5. Christian Fronckowiak

    Is Fantasmic still as popular as it used to be?

    I'm asking in terms of how early to get to the show. Is it still the must see popular show with the Star Wars fireworks and the holiday show? We're trying to figure out if we can see the 9PM Jingle Bam and make it to the 9:30 Fantasmic without it being Standing Room only. Thanks for your insight!
  6. Christian Fronckowiak

    Counting Days on Your Ticket

    Hi everyone- Our first trip to WDW in the FP+ era has been booked and I started getting my Fastpasses today. My question is due to a mistake that I made this morning, which was book a FP for today instead of the day that I wanted. So my question is: Are days counted by walking through the...
  7. Christian Fronckowiak

    How to get MDE/MagicBand as offsite guest?

    Hello everyone- I have a trip coming in over a month and would like to know how to go about setting up MDE and MagicBands as an offsite guest. We have not been to WDW since prior to FP+ but understand the new system. I'm simply looking for steps on getting the MB, setting up FP+ (are those two...
  8. Christian Fronckowiak

    Illuminations music for purchase?

    I am looking for the music from Illuminations: Reflections of Earth from Epcot and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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