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  1. Mickey_777

    Just got back from DL Resort...few thoughts

    First off, thanks for reading and I'll try to keep it brief. Second I want to thank the Dodgers and record breaking heat for keeping the parks very managable a week before Halloween. Last Tuesday was possibly the best day we've ever had at DL. Nearly everything was walk on at some point with E...
  2. Mickey_777

    TR: Disneyland for the 60th (1st week of June)

    CastleRodent by MouseTripleSeven, on Flickr The Wifey and I with our toddler spent 9 great days in SoCal the first week of June so I just wanted to share some thought and photos with my WDWmagic peers. Let me get the not so positive stuff out of the way first… -Man is it obvious that DL was...
  3. Mickey_777

    Grad Nights vs Tour Groups

    How bad are Grad nights anyway? We'll be able to make it work so that of the 4 days we'll be at the parks in June, only 1 will be during Grad Nights. It's on a Friday though. Anyone know if Fridays are reserved for out-of-town schools rather then local ones since they've have to make the drive...
  4. Mickey_777

    Baby swap policy change?

    We were at IOA last week and to our surprise we were told that the baby swap policy had changed for the worst. Last october we did much like how it works at WDW. I'd get in line while my wife waited with the child outside and then went in when I got out. At both Potter and Spiderman we were told...
  5. Mickey_777

    Tried the Cronut yesterday...

    It is ridiculously good. Disney needs to make this a permanent item at the refreshment port. You peel back layer upon layer of warm, buttery croissant on the inside while the outer layer is crispy with cinnamon and sugar. Get it!
  6. Mickey_777

    Classic Disney shorts on Blu-Ray?

    Has anybody heard anything on whether or not the classic Mickey & pals shorts from the 30's/40's/50's etc. will be release in a Blu-Ray collection anytime soon? I'd really be interested in getting these on Blu-Ray.
  7. Mickey_777

    Photo Trip Report

    Just wanted to share some photos and thought on our trip two weeks back. We had a blast! Thanks for reading . FYI - Joffrey's (coffee debate! :eek:) = Good...but it's no Starbucks ;) MAGIC KINGDOM The park is looking great for the most part. Lots of small refurbs/painting/paving going...
  8. Mickey_777

    Hand-Drawn Animation division gutted

    I can't believe it ends like this. Who's to blame? http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/breaking-disney-just-gutted-their-hand-drawn-animation-division-81043.html
  9. Mickey_777

    Teppan Edo vs. typical hibachi joint

    We're thinking about reserving a spot at Teppan Edo and we're wondering how you all (who have eaten there) would compare it to a typical hibachi restaurant in your hometown. Better? The same? I notice the menu doesn't include fried rice like the local places around here do. Is that due to it not...
  10. Mickey_777

    So when making a reservation...

    Is the only way to do it online? How accurate are the results/times they give you? Is there a phone number I can call? The page/results seem to take forever to load. Whew. We usually wing it and eat quick service but this time we want to try something different. Any help is appreciated. We're...
  11. Mickey_777

    Trip Report: First DL Holiday/DCA 2.0

    Just got back on Tuesday (December 4th) from 3 days at the two Anaheim parks. We stayed offsite at the Hilton Suites Anaheim next to the ballpark. It's a nice but dated hotel with a direct ART shuttle to and from the parks with only one stop in between. $12 per adult for 3 days round trip, not...
  12. Mickey_777

    Prep and Landing full feature?

    I'm not sure how I let the two Prep and Landing specials fall under the radar but I got the combo pack and I really enjoyed it. I think they have a ton of material here to churn out a full feature for the holidays sometime in the future. Who else wouldn't mind seeing Prep and Landing hit the big...
  13. Mickey_777

    Things Disney fans let Universal "get away" with...

    I've had this topic in my head for a while so I hope I'm not repeating anything. A popular sentiment nowdays is that Universal Orlando Resort is crushing WDW lately cause they're building like mad while WDW's projects move slowly and/or ultimately leave much to be desired. Much of this is...
  14. Mickey_777

    1988 Disneyland gold (pictures)

    So I struck gold last night going thru some old family photos. I knew we had some pictures of our first ever trip to a Disney park but had no idea some of them were this intersting. First off, let's start with the best thing I found... Yessir...$23.50 for a one day "passport". Nice...
  15. Mickey_777

    Just back from WDW (March 1-6 2012)

  16. Mickey_777

    Lake Buena Vista. Most romantic city in the U.S.

    So the home of WDW is the most romantic city in america according to these folks. Personally I don't consider it to be all that romantic. Fun. Awesome. Entertaining etc...these are the things that come to mind. Interesting none the less. Full list...
  17. Mickey_777

    Durability of the parks?

    This thought came to me while watching a DL tour guide on YouTube. He said something to the effect of "In 200 years Disneyland will be a fun dig for Archeologists." So how long can we expect WDW to hold up? Of coarse a major hurricane could have a huge effect. Anybody know about this sort of...
  18. Mickey_777

    Best casual steak in WDW?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on THE PLACE to get a great Filet Mignon/steak in a casual environment. I'm on vacation so I really want to just be able to eat at a nice place in my shorts and t-shirt. Any tips? Thanks :wave:
  19. Mickey_777

    New pavilion. No attraction. Still want?

    One of the most popular things discussed on here is a the desire/need for a new pavilion in World Showcase. Russia, Australia, Brazil, or India...yada yada yada. Say Epcot does in fact get a new pavilion but it comes without an actual attraction (IMO movies don't count unless it's 3D). Do you...
  20. Mickey_777

    Bring your dog to Magic Kingdom day?

    Haters gonna hate... My initial post suggested a day where you could take your dog on a walk thru Magic Kingdom early in the morning PRIOR to the park opening. Similar to what they do for marathons. Since nobody reads, people started posting about how dog owners are morons for wanting to take...
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