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  1. rle4lunch

    RnRc Retheme?

    Heard more rumblings on various fanboi sites that Aerosmith is on its way out again. Did a quick search on here, didn't see anything new/relevant, wanted to see if anyone's heard anything new. Please delete or reroute if it's hiding somewhere else being talked about. thx.
  2. rle4lunch

    Unique Scent Being Piped In all the Parks?

    Doing an impromptu day visit to WDW (solo!), and I've noticed a unique floral scent in 3 of the 4 parks (haven't made it to MK yet). I'm pretty familiar with the flowers in this area, don't think it's organic. Anyone else notice, or do I have a brain tumor?
  3. rle4lunch

    Murphy Bed Status Watch

    Just wondering if anyone has heard any updates on this? We're starting our stay at SS with a split stay at Poly and need to know if we should bring our son's portable air bed. Thx.
  4. rle4lunch

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    I was scrolling one of the DVC member newsfeeds this morning on Facebook and someone dropped on instagram how her and her family were able to do multiple FOP rides in one day due to something new that was coming out in May, but she couldn't go into detail just yet. Lots of comments were thinking...
  5. rle4lunch

    Are the DVC Member PERKS worth it?

    My wife and I have been exploring the DVC option for a couple years now and we're getting closer on a decision. I realize that this is a long-haul payoff kind of deal, so whatever we get into we're keeping for a while. My questions are; a. Going through Disney proper for new/resale points worth...
  6. rle4lunch

    Disco Shaman Watch 2017

    So, taking bets on how long this thing takes to turn into a strobe lit, lifeless AA. And... Go.
  7. rle4lunch

    Anything Special for the Week of Apr 24h?

    Hi all. Well, we're finally heading back west for an extended vacation to include hitting DL for the first time since relocating to the east coast from San Diego, almost a year and a half ago. That said, we were pretty regular visitors to DL/DCA (probably every 3-4 months), so we know that...
  8. rle4lunch

    Trip Report Lines and Tiggers and CGI, oh my.. Dec 2016 Trip Report

    Hi all. I've finally got a few minutes to write a proper trip report for our 3-10 December trip. First off, I'll preface my report with the fact that we always choose the first week of December for our WDW trips due to some of the lowest crowds and best weather of the year. This year proved to...
  9. rle4lunch

    Tier System?!?

    So, first off, sorry if this has been discussed on another thread. Frankly, I'm too lazy to search the myriad and wasteland of new bathroom paint job threads and where they moved someone's most beloved trash can posts. That said, we frequent WDW around every 4 years and DL a few times a year...
  10. rle4lunch

    Grand Floridian Tips/Secrets/Advice

    Hello all. I was hoping to gain some insight on the Grand Floridian. We just booked our trip for the first week of December 2016 and I was hoping to get a little bit of inside knowledge on the resort if possible. We've been to many DL/WDW resorts before, but this is the first for the GF. We've...
  11. rle4lunch

    Last DL Trip For a Few Years, Any Suggestions?

    First, let me start out by letting you know that we have going to DL for years and know the best ways to coordinate and maximize our trip to hit all the major attractions and rides. BUT.... We tend to stay in our own pattern of what we like to do while there, so if there are any quirks that you...
  12. rle4lunch

    DLR 2 1/2 day trip review/report

    Just got back from a 2 1/2 day trip to DLR (Monday night Halloween Party, then 2 days after in the parks). Just a few tidbits of info and overall report for you to chew on. DLR: The good: MNSSHP has more candy stations than ever. They're literally all over the place. That's good for me...
  13. rle4lunch

    Villains at DL for Halloween Party?

    My wife was wondering if anyone knows if they'll be any new villains that will be out for meet and greets this year? The last party we went to the sheriff was out from robin hood. She's a new character hound for her scrapbooking!
  14. rle4lunch

    Christmastime @ WDW, 2012. Ride/Food/Overall Report

    So, myself and my wife just got back Saturday the 8th of December from a week at WDW. We did a 4 day park hopper (military priced) and one day at Universal (just to see HP Land). The biggest issue wasn't the parks this trip, more the people (we had 7 people total in our group, both younger and...
  15. rle4lunch

    Walking Distances from Shades of Green to Poly

    I've just reserved my Shades of Green rooms for December and need to know how long it takes to walk to the Poly or TTC, or whether we should just take the bus. I've read people's posts on other sites saying it takes between 5-10 minutes. Is this accurate? The last time I stayed at Shades of...
  16. rle4lunch

    Shades of Green

    Hi everyone. This is my inagural thread. I know that reviews have been posted about SOG resort, but I was wondering if anyone had stayed there recently. My wife and I are planning our trip for this December and we're going to reserve one of the 8 person suites since we have extended family...
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