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  1. Gillyanne

    MCO Car Rental - Any to stay away from?

    Title basically covers it. Any car rental places at MCO I should stay away from? Any places I should steer clear of when they come up on Kayak or sites of that sort? I need to go back and take notes but it looks like I can get Hertz via AAA for about $360, but there were some that came up on...
  2. Gillyanne

    AK Refillable Canteen

    We have a refillable Canteen from AK, are they still doing those? I know with the popcorn buckets, they had been just giving you a box of popcorn for the refill price vs. putting into the bucket (limited contact). Are they doing the same (just giving a cup) with the refillable drinks you can...
  3. Gillyanne

    New Epcot Starbucks Tumbler - Harmonious, Play, Remy

    Sorry not sure where this really fits, but I thought it was a bit interesting to see... Shop Disney has a new Epcot Starbucks Tumbler (not sure if it's also in Park yet). The type that show attractions on a quasi map. It appears to have Harmonious, Play Pavilion, and Remy's Ratatouille...
  4. Gillyanne

    Fall 2021 Visit

    I don't see anything specifically posted, and I haven't been able to keep up in all the 50th/Remy threads so apologize if this has been talked about ad nauseam. I plan to take my next week visit sometime in the fall. Was thinking sometime late Sept - Oct. Part of the delay in setting a date...
  5. Gillyanne

    Have you seen this hat anywhere?

    Has anyone seen this hat on property? We've tried asking around but most of the CMs claim it's old and no longer available. However the blog that I found this screenshot from (or same item different shot) was just posted this month (2 Feb 2021) as a "hey look at this new item we found!" so I'm...
  6. Gillyanne

    Ride Photo delays

    I remember reading in other covid threads about ride photos being delayed as they're being more closely monitored. I haven't kept up on those as well but couldn't really find anything more recent than the re-opening. I was curious how many days it generally took? I remember those first posts...
  7. Gillyanne

    Shop Parks app retiring

    When I opened the shop parks app today, it said it's "retiring" on 31 May, and is directing people to he regular Shop Disney app. I wonder what this means for all the stuff that was at least available in the parks app, but not she store app (like 30+ Figment things in parks vs. 11 in store) I...
  8. Gillyanne

    Anyone in town heading to Character Warehouse/Outlets?

    I know it's a long shot, but never hurts to try :) Anyone currently in town and heading over to the outlets? I was just watching a video of one of the vloggers going through the store and noticed they had a decent amount of the Minnie and Tightrope girl dresses (video was yesterday). I know...
  9. Gillyanne

    Teacups FP?

    I'm looking to book the last FP+ for my niece (22) on a MNSSHP night (the only ticket she has, so I'm looking to fill her FP for 5ish) and was wondering if the Teacups were "worth" it. Are the lines usually quick for this or are they sorta slow b/c of capacity? I usually don't pay much mind to...
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