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  1. righttrack

    Planning?!?! What Planning?!! Help!

    Been to the world many times. Always for a week or more, always well planned, ADRs, etc. Always on property. Well now this. A small vacation opportunity has arose, Memorial Day weekend. Star Wars weekend if you're me! Hello?!?! I've never been there to Star Wars weekends and I'm a huge...
  2. righttrack

    Trip Report Magic Band Express - Our Fastpass+ TR

    coming soon (like next week!) Stay - AKL Duration - 1 week Bands - check FP+ Reservations - check Dining Plan - check I can't promise this will be picture loaded because I don't take that many but hopefully has all the info you ever cared to know.
  3. righttrack

    Smoke a Cigar on the Balcony at WL?

    Just curious. Can you smoke on your deck at WL? If you are in non-smoking? It just seems like the perfect place to catch some zzz's, a smoke and some relaxation at night.
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