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  1. Edward Jackson

    Which is better overall the Princess Half or the Star Wars Half

    My girlfriend wants to run her first half as a Disney event. She will be running next year. I will run with her. I am wondering overall, how do the two compare, weather-wise, crowd-wise, etc. Any information would be helpful!
  2. Edward Jackson

    Is ChearSquad worth it?

    I have run the Marathon a few times. Other times my sons have run with me. My girlfriend will be coming with me this time. Is it worth purchasing the ChearSquad? Do you have any other options?
  3. Edward Jackson

    A rant against Disney Profiteers

    I am honestly interested in the opinions of people on these boards, in reference to what I see as Disney Profiteers. I clarify profiteers as those, I can only assume are park locals that scoop up new Disney products, then sell them for outrageous prices. I have seen this personally, going to...
  4. Edward Jackson

    Dole Whip at Universal!!!

    Watching a YouTube video update on the construction around Universal, and it showed you can now get a Dole Whip at Universal. This is big people!
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