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  1. DisSplash

    Jost VanDyke Beach Day?

    So ... now that we are finally in our cruise year, we are finally taking a serious look at our excursion options. We will be on an Eastern Merrytime Cruise next December stopping at San Juan, PR, and Tortola, BVI. For the stop in Tortola, I think the Jost Van **** Beach day sounds great for us...
  2. DisSplash

    Garden Grill for Breakfast?

    We are lookingto try out different restaurant options, and as the Princess breakfast is book until "brunch time" on our EPCOT dates, the Garden Grill popped up as an alternative earlier breakfast option. Has anyone done breakfast there?
  3. DisSplash

    Star Wars Cruise Count-Down!!!

    Okay, as of today we are 7 days away from embarking on ship that will take us to a Galaxy far, far away!!! Can I get a "Force be With You?" I am embarrassed to admit that I am still not packed (how can this be?!! on our first cruise 2 years ago, the bags were pretty much at the door at this...
  4. DisSplash

    Edge Kids' Club

    Does anyone out there know whether you can preregister your kid for Edge? We are sailing on the 23rd and I am on the Disney Cruise website now all ready to preregister both of my kids (12 and 9) and it looks as if the only option I have is to preregister them both for the Oceaneer Club/Lab? I...
  5. DisSplash

    Room Assignmnts for VGT after Paying in Full?

    Just curious ... we are booked on one of those exciting Star Wars cruise and anxiously waiting for the Force to be with us as far as our VGT room assignment goes, as we were hoping for a specific verandah room (or one of those nearby). We are not yet paid in full, but will be soon, and I was...
  6. DisSplash

    Frozen Princesses Still Meeting and Greeting onboard Cruise Ships?

    I saw a few articles stating that the Frozen Princesses (or at least Princess Anna) was onboard a few of the cruise ships over the Holidays. Dos anyone know whether they (or she) is still onboard the ships for Meet and Greets? We are going to the Dream this weekend and I was hoping we could...
  7. DisSplash

    Bring on the Magic!

    Okay, this is my first post on this forum and I have to say I am soooooo excited! We are 24 days away from the World, and while I am fully prepared for the likely hot, humid, and rainy weather, I say 'Bring it On' as any one of those days in Disney is better than a regular 'ole day at home!!:p...
  8. DisSplash

    Count-down to Disney

    Hi everyone! We are headed back to DisneyWorld next month and we cannot wait! I have had a very grueling 8 months at work and the only thing keeping me sane through it all is the picture I took of the entryway to the World the last time we visited. So needless to say, I really NEED this...
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