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  1. dumboflyer

    Adventurer's Club Music??

    Does anyone know of anywhere I could find sound clips from the Adventurer's Club? I've searched all over, including Disney-Central, and have found very little. I'd especially love to find a recording of the Fish Song (a.k.a. the Lobster-Flounder song) that Professor Wren used to sing. I have one...
  2. dumboflyer

    Marketplace Parking

    Does anyone know if the parking situation at DTD's marketplace is being addressed in any way? Even on my latest trip, Feb 4-9, there was NO parking any of the three evenings I was there. I understand full lots during Christmas, but when the lots are full in early February there's a problem.
  3. dumboflyer

    Disney Cruise Costa Maya Help!?!?!

    I'm going on the March 11 Western Carribbean Disney cruise!!! Woo-hoo! Because of Hurricane Wilma, the ship has not and will not stop at Cozumel, Mexico as usual. Instead, it will stop at Costa Maya, Mexico. There are several excursions that take us to the Mayan ruins!! I cannot wait, but I'm...
  4. dumboflyer

    Tomorrowland Skyway Building!

    Any guesses on what will happen to the old Tomorrowland Skyway Building? It is between Space Mtn and Caroussel of Progress. Obviously it used to house the end of the skyway but it also has bathrooms and it used to have a giftshop. NOW it is just bathrooms! The ceiling fans and lights are...
  5. dumboflyer

    Segway Tour

    I went on the Segway Tour last week and it ROCKED!!!!! It is 2-hours----the first hour learning how to use it and the second hour going around the World Showcase. There are several discounts available (Cast, AP, and I think Disney Visa)....all the discounts make it $63 (original price $80)...
  6. dumboflyer

    Segway Tour

    I have a few questions about the Segway Tour.... 1. If it rains, can you change dates? Do they cancel it if it rains? How far in advance must you schedule it? 2. What do you actually do on it? It says an hour training and an hour riding, but a friend of mine said you get to go backstage? Is...
  7. dumboflyer

    Diamond Horseshoe Buffet?

    Anyone tried the Diamond Horseshoe Buffet? I excited to hear if it was good. Were people sitting upstairs too? Any entertainment? I loved that magician with the cards that they used to have. I think it's weird that it is only open from 2pm-8pm! Why not noon-8pm? Any rumors or news about...
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